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The Chatterer came directly to the tree--I remember it was an oak tree--and began to climb up.
The Chatterer was ever a coward, and greater always than any anger he ever worked up was his caution.
Peering up through the bushes, I could see the Chatterer.
I made up my mind never to return to my mother and the Chatterer.
Once I looked back and saw the Chatterer still chanting and teetering.
I had but one purpose, and that was to go away beyond the reach of the Chatterer.
But it does seem that all our drawing room chatterers, TV talking heads, and social media paranoid voices are convinced that 'politicians' are an inferior species of wildlife.
This cyber/digitally upload/download 'pedagogical practice' grounding/materialising the abstracted online curriculum globally positions non-present and invisible chatterers in their alleged 'rooms'.
ONE of life's natural chatterers, Angela Griffin is used to whiling the hours away nattering to anyone and everyone, but it's at home, with her youngest daughter, where she has the most illuminating and unusual of conversations.
In the 11%-12% range are Couch Chatterers (mostly females who watch traditional TV and talk/text about it by phone); Indifferent Multiscreeners (mostly young males who interact with social media and watch an occasional TV show on a second screen); and Moderate Multiscreeners (mostly females who enjoy traditional TV, social media and multiscreen viewing equally).
And I have no doubt plenty of the chatterers will be loudly telling everyone within earshot 'told you so' if Friday's result seems to justify their prediction.
And that is despite some chatterers splitting VLCC cargoes to try and avoid the strong VLCC market.
As Jimmy Carter spokesman Jody Powell joked, if Hitler and Eva Braun came on stage at the Gridiron Dinner and mocked themselves in a song-and-dance routine, Washington chatterers would say, "Oh, they're not so bad.
Let these self-satisfied chatterers take a few steps outside their comfortable, wellheeled worlds and instead take a long, hard look around the troubling space that the rest of us mere mortals endure.
The head of the armed forces wouldn't take the job on an interim basis, but the chatterers say there are a few candidates.