chatter mark

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marks on a glaciated rock caused by the movement of a glacier

a mark made by a chattering tool on the surface of a workpiece

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The solution involved raising the base speed of the motor and using more precise gearing, so as to make any chatter marks less visible.
TM] flute geometry to inhibit chatter marks, plus [Grayhone.
Worn gearing can usually be detected in the finished product, as the surface will show chatter marks usually in the pattern of the gear teeth spacing.
This results in defect reduction and improved die yields by minimizing scratches, chatter marks, and film delamination across the wafer.
Chatter marks are the most common sanding defect and problem and can come from different sources.
The porcelain is of reasonable quality and quite thinly potted, while the base often exhibits chatter marks - lines radiating out from the centre to the footring caused by the potter's cutting tool slightly juddering over the surface.
In addition, the VisionPad 5000 achieves a 50 percent reduction in CMP-induced scratch and chatter marks over current materials.
This reduces defects and improves die yields by minimizing scratches and chatter marks across the wafer resulting in best-of-class defectivity performance.