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varying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles

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Chatoyancy occurs when light reflects from minute, parallel ridges, fibers, or tubes within a transparent material.
The Healing of Broken Tourmalines' records periods of regrowth in 'bent' and broken crystals, including the formation of parallel tubes that may create chatoyancy in cabochons.
Individual crystals here are also silky white, but the sprays have a sort of pink chatoyancy as one looks down into them; moreover, some specimens harbor white microcrystals of the extremely rare species oyelite.
In the best specimens, the 'flames' can be seen by microscopic observation as thin lamellae that are almost parallel to one another and are sometimes perpendicular to the axis of pearl, thereby giving rise to a rough chatoyancy (Fritsch and Misiorowski, 1987).
In translucent crystals, tubular channels containing water extend parallel to the c-axis, and impart chatoyancy to some crystals (Fig.