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a site on the internet where a number of users can communicate in real time (typically one dedicated to a particular topic)

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VoxOx users can access the automatic translation by opening up the VoxOx Universal Messaging Window, a chat window within VoxOx client, and then selecting their language and their contact's language before sending text and chat messages, e-mails or Twitter @replies (public messages directed to specific users).
No matter how great you got on in that chat window, you might have jumped the gun a bit by asking her out.
BON web site users with licensing questions can communicate their questions, via a live chat window, directly to a customer service representative who will reply back through the chat window.
Users can type questions in "Jenn's" chat window and she then responds verbally, asking follow-up questions when necessary and providing a written response and related web links.
meebo me: meebo's help pages describe meebo me as "a small chat window that you can put on your webpage for visitors to talk with you.
Chat -- A technician can open a chat window and converse with the customer to give additional instructions or answer questions.
For a more personal touch you can attach a picture of yourself to the chat window, add themed backgrounds and send emoticons.
Now, a large menu of symbols appears at the bottom of the chat window for you to choose from.
You will be able to watch the debate in progress in the main chat window.
Conversely, the other person can do the same, and when the file transfer is over, a link pops into your chat window, which makes it convenient to click and open the received file.
The new chat function offers advantages by enabling users to use a chat window to send quick messages to colleagues while they are on the phone.
While interacting with a customer via the chat window, the CSR can simultaneously be sending a series of web pages to the customer's desktop.
But what makes them a community rather than just a loose affiliation is LivePlace, a small chat window that is a self-contained Java applet.
To ask her a question, they simply click on Emily and type their questions in her chat window.
To send money, users will need to select the attachment icon in a chat window (the same one used to send contacts, media, location, etcetera).