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a site on the internet where a number of users can communicate in real time (typically one dedicated to a particular topic)

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58% of parents surveyed say they review the content of what their teenager(s) read and/or type in chat rooms or via Instant Messaging; 42% do not.
The web-based chat room features streaming audio and video through Userplane's Flash MX-based client and permits users to watch and listen to other members in the current room.
Part of Userplane's Community Suite, Userplane Web Chat and Userplane Instant Communicator provide Flash-based chat room and instant messaging capabilities to community, dating, corporate and collaborative websites.
com (or "TJ") is in its beta launch and will host free, time-zone specific chat rooms for registered users of the site on September 22[sup.
On message boards, as in chat rooms, participants register as members and adopt screen names, such as "Emily the Strange.
There's always an element of risk with chat rooms, but any risk can be avoided by applying some common sense.
As I reviewed my chat room transcripts, however, I found precious few instances of small talk.
An additional chat room was available for the China-US horizontal negotiations.
Speaking personally, we would only meet someone from a chat room if it were in a public place.
Chat room messages called students "retard," "whores" or one, a "homosexual with a pigeon-like face and penguin-like body.
When it comes to the Internet, many teenage girls are extremely computer savvy but can be naive and vulnerable when encountering emotionally charged situations like the prevalent online pornography or sexual harassment in chat room conversations.
Called Walter's Extrusion Pub, the chat room was set up by Walter Cornell, president of extrusion equipment installation and consulting company Up and Running, New Haven, Conn.
For example, an individual solicits a personal meeting with a child while communicating in a chat room.
If the woman of your dreams has red hair and is young and lithe, log onto AOL, enter the chat room, and describe your fantasy partner.
New Mobile Product Lets Television Viewers Use Their Phone to Join Chat Room Discussions with Fans and Celebrities While Watching Their Favorite Shows