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a long sleeveless vestment worn by a priest when celebrating Mass

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The classic chasuble made of a gold-laced material imported from Greece was to be worn during the Nov.
Forrest, who learned how to sew in her youth, designed a special pattern she called an angel-wing cape and made four different sets of chasubles for Mr.
82] At the site, in 1480, the workmen preparing d'Estouteville's grave found a sealed and covered stone sepulcher in which the canons established the presence of Maurile's bones, fragments of a wooden cross and of a chasuble.
Among them are chasuble and stole, alb and cincture, miter and cope.
Barbie comes with chasubles for every liturgical season, a thurible for incense, and countless other accessories.
It is a wonder that the streets are not dark with habits, clogged with chasubles, as the faithful men and women of the cloth take the parish silver and the proceeds of the collection plate to Paddy Power, lumping on a 100-1 shot that they have long considered a certainty.
3 MATISSE'S CHASUBLES The last room of the 2005 exhibition "Matisse: The Fabric of Dreams--His Art and His Textiles," at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, housed two chasuble maquettes made by Matisse for his total work of art, the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, France.
No doubt this proximity to alcohol was responsible for some of the friction in the college, together with the claustrophobic feeling of living in each other's chasubles.
Dozens of photographs of copes, stoles and chasubles were sent to us, along with their stories.
She is fully accessorized: vestments include colored chasubles for every liturgical season, black clergy shirt with white collar, a miniature, genuine Bible and even a tiny thurible.
A new line of seminarians purporting the necessity of married priests or women in the clergy would be as incidental to reform as a new line of chasubles if we do not continue to progress spiritually in our hearts, minds, and souls.
Some 800 priests in white chasubles participated from a sea of folding chairs arrayed on three sides of the high altar.
Peter's when the bronze doors opened and out came a tremendous light - the klieg lights of the television people - and out came the bishops in rows of six with their white chasubles and miters and some of the Oriental bishops with their crowns marching across the piazza at St.
There treasures, such as silver chalices, gold monstrances and patens, and silk chasubles, are displayed in glass-doored cabinets usually surrounding a heavy oak table illumined by tall windows.
The weakest of the four galleries is the one containing papal finery: gold-embroidered chasubles, gem-encrusted chalices, diamond rings and an ostentatious tiara given to Pope Pins VII by Napoleon.