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a long sleeveless vestment worn by a priest when celebrating Mass

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Some of the chasubles and capes are so densely worked that it is the embroidery that has held the garments together, the velvet or silk on which it was done having long since perished.
Il faut dire que son comportement lors du dernier match perdu face l'ESS en jetant son chasuble pour exprimer son mecontentement de ne pas se voir aligner n'a pas ete du gout de ses dirigeants notamment du coordinateur de la section football, Boukhari, qui etaitpresentsur les lieux.
Father Fullard was robed with a diocesan chasuble and stole by Lichfield Dean Father Mellor and Parish Priest of St Patrick's Walsall Father Harrington who received Craig Fullard into the Catholic Church.
For example, Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Chasuble has made clear that Greece should not count on the automatic approval of the agreement.
The pupil from Ranworth Square Primary School in Norris Green was particularly impressed with the Our Lady of Walsingham chasuble, an eye-catching religious garment.
Canon Chasuble Paxton Whitehead Merriman Tim MacDonald Servant Amanda Leigh Cobb It's Brian Bedford's party, so let's give the old dear the rousing chorus of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" that he's earned as director and showpiece of the Roundabout's revival of Oscar Wilde's scathingly witty 1895 comedy of manners, "The Importance of Being Earnest." All foot traffic stops, as it should, whenever Bedford is commanding centerstage with the imperial presentation of Lady Bracknell he originated in 2009 at the Strafford Shakespeare Festival.
Winter beckons, yet still the chasuble remains green during most of November.
Between prayers and songs and wearing his chasuble the priest called on all of Haiti's deeply religious population -- Catholics, Protestants and Voodoo practitioners -- to come together to rebuild.
In Berceo's miracle, however, the impostor goes much further by boldly declaring "'todos somos iguales,'" and then ordering his ministers to bring him the chasuble so that he can preside over the high mass (st.
A collection of vestments includes the Vaux/man chasuble, dating back to the 15th century, made of Chinese silk and brocade.
I saw this juvenile in a pink chasuble smiling and stumbling over some of the Hebrew words in the gospel.