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lack of ornamentation

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La palabra "chasteness", en este contexto, puntua la accion de adentrarse en "fingers of smooth mastery": el deseo del heroe no persigue la humillacion o la negacion de la materia femenina, y por lo tanto puede adentrarse en ella, como ya lo ha hecho en la boca y el cuerpo, sin negarla.
He said that chastity is an ornament for both women and men and that women will know what is haram and not haram, she will not laugh in public and will not be inviting in her attitudes and will protect her chasteness.
BURSA (CyHAN)- Deputy Prime Minister BE-lent Arync complained on Monday that the Turkish society is faced with a moral decay, urging both men and women to protect their chasteness by remaining faithful to their wives and avoiding laughter in public, respectively.
Against the false folklore that was in vogue--which ranged from the 'plague of more or less radiophonic starlets, who have decided to imitate the particular singing style of authors and singers from different regions of Portugal' to the 'guitar and accordion tunes produced serially by songwriters'--he now reclaimed the purity of a past in which 'music with a popular flavour' had had 'a certain chasteness, a certain vein of authenticity', which was being lost 'in the commercial standardisation of modern songwriters and cinema'.
Our collective expectations of vocal timbre for the portrayal of particular characteristics (femininity, masculinity, promiscuity, chasteness, etc.) shift, and the casting trends for particular types of roles shift correspondingly.
There's a touching chasteness to, but little chemistry with, his (obligatory) love interest, a kick-ass Brit (Hayley Atwell).
The victims' families will also need to be counseled, especially in a conservative society where the chasteness of potential brides is considered extremely important before they get married.
To safeguard the ideological chasteness of social policies, promote instructive examples of civic manhood, and secure productivity, authorities turned the private realm into a potent site of intervention in the promotion of shared civic, sexual, and social ideals.
Long & straight: Long hair is conventionally associated with chasteness and innocence.
Their chasteness and other virtues make of them the elect, and they are considered especially strong intercessors and advocates in the economy of salvation.
Rather it is a simple, solid art that is at the same time strong and delicate with an instinctive chasteness which, by dressing his Nymphs in restraint, has transformed them into Muses.
Next to the bridge of the shipyard that creaks above the waves, I long for the silence of the fish that cross the fiery red tentacle of the coral reefs, for the chasteness of the moon that rises in the pale sky and for the vigil of the sea that invites me to be eternal, and for the solitude of the sunken ships that, in crustacean beds, keep the coins lost in the shipwrecks and the lolling mew of the seagulls.