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in a chaste and virtuous manner


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In 2004, she launched her career with "Goodies," a chastely Iii rtatious cnink track about saving yourself for the right guy.
The imperial court learned that the Xue family behaved righteously and chastely, so it not only granted the plague of "loyalty, filial piety, chastity, righteousness" for commending them, but also gave orders to build a memorial arch.
Moving beyond a time when "particular friendships" were forbidden and contact between priests and women was discouraged, Manuel assumes that today's priests can live chastely and effectively in the real world when grounded in community and in the charism given to them to build up the church.
Kambili's growing sexual awareness is not expressed erotically but in a simple, innocent, and chastely manner.
Dolan acknowledged that he did not find proof to support an alleged "reputation for being 'gay friendly'" and that the seminarians seemed committed to living chastely.
Thrills and spills were here a-plenty, but most memorable was the gentle 'poco adagio', chastely singing over Trotter's beautifully-judged quiet organ chords.
Unlike the polychrome clown head, the other busts are chastely fashioned parian ware.
Ferdinand and Miranda, who have been revealed chastely playing chess--a long way from the mating move--will be married, and will return to Italy as rulers of a united Milan and Naples.
looks, and chastely in love I find every excuse to make me stay-- at
From your sweet lips, life's spring will chastely riseBathing in such a place, there is no sweetness that is not.
Soon after midnight, Danny - who recently split with Kelly Brook - kissed Jess chastely goodbye and left through a side exit.
Miles, more imperious than imperial, plays the newly crowned Roman emperor, Titus, who's been chastely in love with Berenice for the last five years.
There was a mid-teens boy and girl on a date, chastely drinking water, a family celebration and huddles of friends swapping gossip.
An abandoned chorus girl from an itinerant burlesque troupe was taken in for the night by Pound, quite chastely.
Scepticism itself allows us to speak dubiously about scepticism, just as we might speak humbly of humility and speak chastely of chastity.