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Synonyms for chasm

Synonyms for chasm

something of immeasurable and vast extent

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a deep opening in the earth's surface

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actually consists in this: that the qualitative chasmic abyss in the difference between God and human beings has been obliterated" (CD, p.
The distance between surfing the Web and experiencing real life is chasmic,'' said Michael Benedikt, director of theT Center for American Architecture and Design at the University of Texas.
However, one should be careful not to see a chasmic opposition between an 'old' focus on symbolic structures and exchange on the one hand and the 'new anthropology' of state-sponsored modernity on the other.
From its early origins, though, PR was designed to protect the rich and powerful from public scrutiny, and to justify and downplay the misery chasmic inequities of wealth inevitably create.
In the fall of 1995, despite the dresistance of old-guard Republicans Bud Shuster and John Chafee, chairmen of the key committees in the House and Senate, legislation repealing the national speed limit passed both chambers by chasmic margins -- 419-7 in the House, by voice vote in the Senate.
Wallace believes it may take only a matter of months for the first group of "founders" to drift into the chasmic airspace that fills this natural wonder of the world.
Even its title's shared use -- with Crusaders in the Courts -- of the term revolution reflects a gap of chasmic proportions between the authors' perspective and Greenberg's; one can infer, without too much of a stretch, that Delgado and Stefancic adjudge the very same civil rights revolution heralded so proudly in the title of Greenberg's memoirs to have been a well-intended but ultimately disappointing failure.