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Synonyms for chasm

Synonyms for chasm

something of immeasurable and vast extent

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a deep opening in the earth's surface

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Electronic wheelchairs will be made available by the operator for elderly tourists at Standley Chasm so they can traverse along the path with ease.
Don Bergstrom of Worcester brought his wife, Anita, to Purgatory Chasm Thursday because she has never seen it.
To bridge the growing chasm, communicators will have to admit that the Savvy Ignorers' ability to ignore whatever they wish will always beat communicators' ability to drive important messages.
The chasm between scientists and citizens who live and work with technology extends much further than computing.
In the booklet accompanying his recording of Chasm (William Albright, Music for organ and Harpsichord [Arkay Records AR6112]), Reed notes:
The church is one of the very few places where the chasm can be nearly closed.
To the west is a glass-roofed chasm between concrete walls rising the height of the building and enclosing a long flight of stairs to each level.
In this tale about the chasm between the official story and the reality experienced by history's victims, Norma Aleandro plays a history teacher who learns that her adopted daughter may be the child of a political prisoner-and that her loving husband is the agent of a state that murders and tortures the "disappeared.
You have to hit a reasonably blind tee shot of 230 yards or so to be in position to hit about a 180-yard second shot over this deep chasm to a green that looks the size of a postage stamp," he explains.
They're exploring an enormous deep-sea chasm that rivals the Grand Canyon, and peering at blind worms that live near belching volcanic vents.
Perhaps it is not a coincidence that in bridging the de facto chasm between photojournalism and art photography, Berger was hardly following a professional imperative, but trying to put his life back together.
Moore, founder of The Chasm Group and venture partner at Mohr Davidow, joins Lithium's board immediately.
SUTTON- A 13-year-old Ludlow boy was injured yesterday when he fell about 15 feet in the Lover's Leap section of Purgatory Chasm State Reservation.
Parson, a vice president of First State Bank of California, was struck by the chasm between his life and that of the villagers he met.
Results from the Mather Gorge samples indicate that the chasm eroded downward between 37,000 and 13,000 years ago at a rate of about 80 centimeters per millennium.