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Synonyms for chaser

a person who is pursuing and trying to overtake or capture


a drink to follow immediately after another drink

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ITV bosses are said to have commissioned a new series based on the hit game show in which contestants from other countries can take on the chasers.
Started by financial industry executives in late 2017, Advice Chaser's goal is to facilitate access to the best advice.
Under NASA's Commercial Resupply Services 2 (CRS-2) contract, the Dream Chaser will deliver more than 12,000 pounds of pressurized and unpressurized cargo to the space station and remains attached for up to 75 days as an orbiting laboratory.
Four-spotted chasers tend to have preferred perches in their territory and will return to the same spot on a regular basis after going on patrol.
Brokers then turn such videos around at prices comparable to those used for chaser video and can keep more profit per video as opposed to a higher split with contracted stringers.
The Dream Chaser from Sierra Nevada offers more reliable landings than the other two currently offer.
Apart from handling delivery work, SNC says the Dream Chaser can do a variety of other tasks.
The reliability of the Dream Chaser design was also thoroughly reviewed as part of NASA's Phase I Safety Review Process, which successfully demonstrated safety and mission assurance criteria.
You can be a storm chaser without driving toward a tornado.
Storm chasers keep an even closer eye on the weather data, but for a different reason: they don't run away when they see a storm approaching, they follow it!
The chaser community now includes tour groups led by professional guides, photographers, media groups, and researchers actively gathering data on storms.
Viewers said that Chaser quiz ace Mark Labbett appeared to be given extra time to answer a question.
Synopsis: Tony Ardizzone's novel "The Whale Chaser" is the story of Vince Sansone, the eldest child and only son in a large Italian-American family, who comes of age in 1960s Chicago.
Long-time fan of the hit show, Rakesh Jain said he was shocked to even be chosen as a contestant and couldn't believe his luck when the team actually beat the chaser.