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a person who is being chased


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A cannibal of a craft, tricking herself forth in the chased bones of her enemies.
If the wind only held, little doubt had they, that chased through these Straits of Sunda, the vast host would only deploy into the Oriental seas to witness the capture of not a few of their number.
Jurgis and two policemen chased some men into a bar-room.
I knew I never should be good for anything, if they did; and when I knew the papers the papers were signed, and he was sold, I took him and came off in the night; and they chased me,--the man that bought him, and some of Mas'r's folks,--and they were coming down right behind me, and I heard 'em.
Fair knight, said they, that were we loath to do; for as for Sir Kay we chased him hither, and had overcome him had ye not been; therefore, to yield us unto him it were no reason.
as HE said), or being chased by them (as THEY said), arrived at the bank of the river at dawn, in a fog.