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Synonyms for chary

Synonyms for chary

trying attentively to avoid danger, risk, or error

careful in the use of material resources

Synonyms for chary

characterized by great caution and wariness


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The central bank said that speculative dealing in foreign currencies under prevailing laws and regulations is prohibited in Oman, and therefore the public must be chary of the risks involved.
With all the troubles and scandals at Oakwood one would have thought that Westminster politicians would have been a bit chary of continuing with this failed experiment rather than proposing to construct an even larger prison block holding 2,000 inmates at Wrexham.
But he said police are also studying personal motives since Lauro was still married to Chary Mangacop, former mayor of Placer in Surigao del Norte, when she lived in with Betonio.
Four teams have won the tournament so far, but even they will be chary of saying with certainty that they will win again.
CITE meetings have undergone a change in format, which has been disappointing to Charlotte Read and Lin Kaatz Chary.
They are chary of identifying their positions and the banner they write under.
The concert, Mridumalhar, will also feature artists Pandit Ravi Chary, Pandit Aditya Narayan Banerjee and Benny.
Our aim at Insights India is to explore how operators can best gear their businesses in this transforming mobile world, how they can successfully turn new opportunities into business deals, how they can develop new strategies to meet end-user demand, and how they can generate new sources of revenue and drive revenue growth in the new 3G world," said Chary.
But chary after the radiation leak at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev agreed on an additional safety review during their meeting on the sidelines of the Sanya BRICS summit in China earlier this year.
But before you get too chary, you had better make sure you are.
Commodities futures trading is almost as old as the history of India," says Venkat Chary, chairman of GBOT (above).
Venkat Chary, added, "GBOT will surely play a key role in creating a vibrant financial market ecosystem in Africa from Mauritius, which has been growing fast and attracting global investors and corporations.
According to the source, investors are mainly tempted by government issues and chary of buying corporate debts.
Designer Edward Chary, retail director of shopping channel and website New Image TV, said: "It will give a great deal of confidence to an awful lot of women.
The Trees Conservation Committee directed Thompson to contact Chary to ask that trees be replanted in the spring of 2010 along the stream and along Ellis Avenue as a windbreak to mitigate the trees which had been cut without obtaining prior permission.