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Synonyms for chary

Synonyms for chary

trying attentively to avoid danger, risk, or error

careful in the use of material resources

Synonyms for chary

characterized by great caution and wariness


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The central bank said that speculative dealing in foreign currencies under prevailing laws and regulations is prohibited in Oman, and therefore the public must be chary of the risks involved.
js user, Raj Chary, vice president of technology and architecture at Triumph Learning, noted, "Our Web-based application, GET Waggle, makes it simple for teachers and school administrators to track and measure students' progress and growth on skills and standards.
Moreover, they are well aware that President Rouhani and Ayatollah Khameini have their own domestic constituencies who are as chary of an accord as are the American hawks.
Advani wanted to shift to Bhopal, as he was chary of contesting election from Gandhinagar given his distrust of Gujarat chief minister and BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.
With all the troubles and scandals at Oakwood one would have thought that Westminster politicians would have been a bit chary of continuing with this failed experiment rather than proposing to construct an even larger prison block holding 2,000 inmates at Wrexham.
Yet however affecting, such means are also agents of alienation, and Fioroni's subjects, chary of exposure, are often hard to actually see: Ragazza che piange (Crying Girl), 1960, has downcast eyes; Ragazza con occhiali (Girl with Glasses), 1965, is concealed behind dark spectacles; Bambino solo (Lone Child), 1968, turns his back.
They are chary of identifying their positions and the banner they write under.
The concert, Mridumalhar, will also feature artists Pandit Ravi Chary, Pandit Aditya Narayan Banerjee and Benny.
They are also chary of the threat from local hooligans, including neo-Nazi thugs out to target ethnic fans, and Ukraine's heavy-handed police.
Krishnama Chary, Satyanarayana and Srikanth Verma discuss the impact of FD1 in the retail sector.
But before you get too chary, you had better make sure you are.
Commodities futures trading is almost as old as the history of India," says Venkat Chary, chairman of GBOT (above).
Venkat Chary, Chairman, GBOT, said, "The launch of GBOT is a significant development in the commodity and currency derivatives arena of Mauritius and Africa.
Companies are increasingly looking to the debt market to raise capital, not only because banks have been chary with their lending, but also because the government has set up incentives for them to do so.
Naturally since I am a Kenyon Fellow now, I am chary of the police.