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Synonyms for charwoman

a human female employed to do housework

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Leah had been saying something I had not caught, and the charwoman remarked -
She is a good hand, I daresay," said the charwoman.
The charwoman was going on; but here Leah turned and perceived me, and she instantly gave her companion a nudge.
I can't help it, Miss Knag,' said the charwoman, bridling up on the shortest notice.
By your leave, Mr Knag,' retorted the charwoman, turning sharp round.
A plaid shawl borrowed from the washerwoman, a ragged scrubbing skirt borrowed from the charwoman, and a gray wig rented from a costumer for twenty-five cents a night, completed the outfit; for Edna had elected to be an old Irishwoman singing broken-heartedly after her wandering boy.
Rebecca sprang about the apartment, however, with the greatest liveliness, and had peeped into the huge wardrobes, and the closets, and the cupboards, and tried the drawers which were locked, and examined the dreary pictures and toilette appointments, while the old charwoman was saying her prayers.
All this theory rested upon the utterances of an old charwoman who had been nearly knocked down by a man in a hurry.
One day my charwoman, a working man's wife, came to beg me to honor her sister's wedding with my presence.
In the debtor's confined chamber, Mrs Bangham, charwoman and messenger, who was not a prisoner (though she had been once), but was the popular medium of communication with the outer world, had volunteered her services as fly-catcher and general attendant.
The cloth was laid by an occasional charwoman, who officiated in the capacity of Mr.
She worked day and night for her sister, and besides doing the cooking and the washing, she did sewing and worked as a charwoman and gave her sister all she earned.
Stoney," who was the charwoman employed by my mother to clean the house.
After this chore, she climbed the stairs to the choir loft on knees that scarcely touched the marble, more pilgrim than charwoman.
In a large cast that works in remarkable unison, also noteworthy are Aimee Doherty's Laundress, Stephanie Carlson's Charwoman and Amanda Black's Lucy.