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(of unknown regions) not yet surveyed or investigated

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Chart 13-4: Penetration Rate of Dental Offices with Chartless Capabilities, U.
In order to understand being chartless, let's take a look at what having a chart means.
We eliminated printing film on a daily basis and have been chartless and paperless ever since.
Ware explains that personal digital assistants (PDAs), for example, have screens that are too small to support chartless rounds, and because of their size, have a weak radio signal.
Co-pilot is compatible with most pilot operated regulators, compatible with any RTU and a great companion to the Reynolds RECOR 325 CDR Chartless Data Recorder.
So architecture ambled on, chartless but content, into the morning of September 11, 2001.
These authors listed here all posit unity as an important tool in determining the quality of a text, and their discussions of Mardi ideally exemplify the trend in seeing that book as having "many flaws" (Dillingham 111): Davis, Melville's Mardi: A Chartless Voyage; Stern, The Fine Hammered Steel of Herman Melville; and Dillingham, An Artist in the Rigging.
Having a paper chartless office helps us reduce waste, protect the environment, and save time and money - but maintaining our patients' privacy is paramount.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Chartless Recorder, Yokogawa Make
Part of The Ottawa Hospital, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre (TOHCC), will be equipped with radiation therapy systems, as well as workflow enhancing software and treatment planning systems, enabling TOHCC to provide sophisticated therapeutic services in a chartless, paperless clinical environment.
The 107-bed facility was one of the first hospitals in the nation designed with an all-digital network, including a chartless patient information system, and campus-wide wireless telecommunications and data systems.
The Clinic system has had an electronic medical record for decades; completed a two-year chartless initiative at the end of 2007; and has all its physicians using wireless tablet PCs to provide patient care.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Chartless Graphic Recorder At Digboi Refinery
Supporting the entire workflow, the solutions - which include the image-enabled oncology information system (OIS), MOSAIQ(R), as well as XiO(R) treatment planning system - will enable the facility to treat patients in a chartless, paperless environment.