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(of unknown regions) not yet surveyed or investigated

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We eliminated printing film on a daily basis and have been chartless and paperless ever since.
Ware explains that personal digital assistants (PDAs), for example, have screens that are too small to support chartless rounds, and because of their size, have a weak radio signal.
Davis, Melville's Mardi: A Chartless Voyage (1952; rpt.
Co-pilot is compatible with most pilot operated regulators, compatible with any RTU and a great companion to the Reynolds RECOR 325 CDR Chartless Data Recorder.
So architecture ambled on, chartless but content, into the morning of September 11, 2001.
This protocol was also followed at two other sites, Florida State University and Georgia Institute of Technology, as part of a multisite investigation of issues in aging and interaction with technology (Czaja, Shark, Chartless, Fisk, & Rogers, 2001).
These authors listed here all posit unity as an important tool in determining the quality of a text, and their discussions of Mardi ideally exemplify the trend in seeing that book as having "many flaws" (Dillingham 111): Davis, Melville's Mardi: A Chartless Voyage; Stern, The Fine Hammered Steel of Herman Melville; and Dillingham, An Artist in the Rigging.
That judges and lawyers sometimes grasped at such shortcuts suggests that they did not have much better bearings than jurors in the chartless seas of determining general damages awards.
1) becomes something of a chartless meander through a maze of miscellaneous information and theorizing.
In one case, as she drove back toward Paris from the eastern front, Wharton noted that all mileage posts had been defaced: "It was the strangest of sensations to find ourselves in a chartless wilderness within sixty or seventy miles of Paris."(8) Perhaps the most acute moment of unreality came when she and her companions found themselves in the town of Chalons after curfew, without lodgings on a cold dark night.
Below me the Pacific foams and surges, bearing its power from chartless reaches, as wild and perennial as hope itself.
They could have been satisfying if only as gestural strokes sustained against a field of color, but they suggested profiles of heights emerging through mists, or embodied powers, as if dragons, vibrating in chartless spaces.
While some of his fellow travelers are finally content to remain on the island of Serenia (symbolizing creedless Christianity), Taji continues his relentless pursuit, at last heading chartless toward the open ocean.