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hired for the exclusive temporary use of a group of travelers



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Although Rich has occasionally chartered a yacht for informal business meetings, where she "quite literally [has a] captive audience," she primarily reserves it for quiet vacations with family and friends.
The potential opportunities for Euronet from the global Standard Chartered Bank agreement include ATM management services across 15 countries over the next two years.
The Senior Notes will constitute senior, unsecured obligations of Chartered and pay interest semi-annually.
Chartered and Agere have a long-standing relationship that has seen the two companies work together on a variety of manufacturing advances and achievements.
Their specialized, high-speed data converters and other analog IP are fundamental building-blocks, and are used in Nordic VLSI's own standard product ICs and in a large number of customers' SoC devices," said Walter Ng, senior director of worldwide design solutions at Chartered.
As a strategic foundry supplier, Chartered supplied digital and analog products at multiple technology nodes for Agere's SOC chipsets in 2003, which helped Agere effectively serve its mobile phone customers.
Under the arrangement, CSMC-Tech and its subsidiaries (collectively the "CSMC-Tech Group") today signed the Master Agreement, the Equipment Purchase Agreement, the Technology Transfer and License Agreement, and the Operational Assistance Agreement (collectively the "Transaction Agreements"), and the Customer Referral Agreement with Chartered.
Citing success with the program's initial focus on analog/mixed-signal (AMS) foundation IP, Chartered and VCX will also expand their joint initiative to include digital system components.
com offers additional services including gourmet catering and door-to-door destination services on its chartered flights.
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing (Nasdaq:CHRT)(SGX-ST: Chartered), one of the world's top three silicon foundries, and the Virtual Component Exchange (VCX) have entered into an agreement that designates Chartered as a preferred mixed-signal foundry for VCX partners.
Chartered Semiconductor Europe, a subsidiary of Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing (Nasdaq:CHRT)(SGX-ST:CHARTERED), today announced the opening of an office in Stockholm, Sweden, to cover the Nordic market area.
The Internet signifies the "beginning of a more ubiquitous" charter market and makes chartered flights a viable option for travelers who have not considered it in the past, McBride is quoted as saying.
Fabless Pioneer Cites Chartered for Excellence, Quality in
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