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an experimental public school for kindergarten through grade 12

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The report is a collaborative effort by the National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC), The Charter School Facilities Initiative (developed and managed by the Colorado League of Charter Schools), the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (Alliance) and the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA).
About the California Charter Schools Association The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) advances the charter school movement through state and local advocacy, leadership on accountability, and resources for member schools.
Mary Gil, principal of Desert Sands High, has been working for the charter school for eight months and said that, after 40 years in education, she is really pleased with accomplishments at the alternative high school.
We first map the latitude and longitude of traditional public schools and charter schools throughout the state, identify the charter school closest to each traditional public school, and compute the aerial distance between the two.
However, the claim that increased autonomy leads to enhanced educational outcomes cannot be verified by recent studies conducted on national charter school performance.
Securing a facility, obtaining start-up funding, and, to a lesser extent, acquiring the expertise necessary to run a charter school are the three greatest challenges facing new charter school founders nationwide, although the extent of the challenges varied from state to state.
In mid July the Texas Education Agency (TEA) held a three-day hearing on the fate of the Prepared Table Charter School, an institution run by the Rev.
In this book Fuller offers six essays--as much works of journalism as they are academic pieces--on six very different charter school experiments.
California continues to play a pivotal role in expanding and strengthening the national charter school movement," said Nelson Smith, President and CEO of the National Alliance.
We want to see some of the 50,000 children moved off the waiting list and into the charter school classroom that they want," said PhillySchoolChoice.
McElroy, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said the study ``provides further evidence against unchecked expansion of the charter school experiment.
That study plans to look at 50 middle schools (and, perhaps, some older students at elementary schools), despite the fact that, according to our estimates based on data from the Center for Education Reform, only about 20% of the country's 3,400 charter schools are middle schools or have a middle school plus high school design; the rest serve students beginning in kindergarten or 9th grade.
When the National Assessment of Educational Progress testing results revealed last year that fourth graders in charter schools performed at lower levels than their public school peers in reading and math, charter school officials said the reason lies in that more economically disadvantaged students are in charter schools than public ones.
A Denver-area charter school has come under fire after a series of alleged irregularities, including violating church-state separation.
In neighboring markets such as Oakland and Los Angeles, where there are much higher numbers of quality charter school options, charter schools have had a positive effect on the broader public school system by sharing best practices, relieving overcrowding and serving at-risk kids," said Madrid.
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