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one of the original members when an organization was founded

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Companies can learn more and complete the application to become a Charter member now through October 1, 2016, by visiting www.
After the educational sessions, the members enjoyed a presentation by Teri Weilenga, TEI International President and a charter member of the Orange County Chapter.
The credit union chartered to serve Lane County government employees is searching for its charter members as part of its 50th anniversary.
Charter members will be key partners in helping to develop the initial goals and the standards for the Center as it expands its presence in the residential real estate industry, said David Berenbaum, NCRC's Executive Vice President and a founding member.
I was here in the beginning and, believe me, there's been a lot of changes and a lot of progress,'' said charter member Ken Falls, a co- chairman of the celebration team.
As a charter member of ICSA Labs' SSL-TLS Product Developers' Consortium, F5 has helped influence and drive the testing criteria designed to ensure that SSL VPN products can meet the most demanding enterprise and service provider requirements.
If a charter member cannot make its payment under the contract, CBCWA is obligated to draw monies from the defaulting charter member's security fund (equal to between two to three months of allocable O&M and debt expenses) to cover the costs under the contract; if that proves insufficient, CBCWA shall draw from the non-defaulting charter members' security funds per the joint and several nature of the contract.
NYSE:HIT) and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation), and Texas Instruments Incorporated as charter members of the BDTI Benchmark Partner Program(SM).
Only Charter members receive a significant price break to license the cutting-edge origination platform.
They kicked around The Climbing Vines, Noisy Birdwomen, Homing Pigeons and Gadflies before Earhart, the club's first president, suggested they keep it simple - something like the total of the club's charter members, 99.
The rating primarily considers the underlying credit quality of the charter members, specifically the City of De Pere's and Village of Howard's respective water systems, the largest two water purchasers of CBCWA water.
Charter members Palmdale, Burroughs-Ridgecrest, Barstow and Victor Valley not only faced long drives but double duty, since each played the others twice that year.
Charter Members will have exclusive access to post trip requests or submit quotes for providing private charter services.
The first 1,000 members to join the Six Heroes Wine Club will be designated Charter Members and receive a Six Heroes logo tan camo ball cap.
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