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of or like paper

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The wings are chartaceous, without venation, but strongly striate longitudinally.
8 cm long, green to glaucous and prevailingly purple to wine-spotted mainly toward the base, with inconspicuous darker green irregular cross-veins by transmitted light, chartaceous, sparsely and inconspicuously white-lepidote and covered on both sides by a thin layer of white wax, margins revolute at the apex.
3 mm, dark brown, slightly pubescent, the hairs spreading, reddish, rigid, straight, 3-celled, 1-furcate; lamina 10-15 cm long, arcuate, linear, chartaceous, slightly hemidimorphic; sterile portion deeply pinnatifid to pinnatisect, gradually reduced at the base, basal segment long-decurrent, ending in a long and narrow wing to the petiole base, the segments at the medial portion 1.
Microphylls 10-35, ascending, linear, chartaceous, 6-11 cm long, 4-6 mm wide at the base and 1-2.
Leaflets chartaceous to papyraceous, oblong-lanceolate
8 mm wide, chartaceous to coriaceous, elliptic, apices rounded, margins recurved when dry, veins barely visible, terminating in hydathodes close to the margins; laminar scales similar to those of the stipes, densely covering both surfaces when young, then glabrescent on the adaxial surface.
Lamina herbaceous to chartaceous, matte, lateral veins obscure 12.
1: A) by triangular-lanceolate fronds, slightly hastate lamina bases, thickly chartaceous, brown or brown-green laminae when dry, and lateral veins slightly oblique.
3 cm, alternate, with 3(-5) lobules, the margins entire to shallowly dentate, the base cuneate, lightly oblique, articulate, deciduous, the stalk and its blackish color stopping abruptly in a dilatate, discoid joint, the simple ones never overlapping the rachis, the sterile herbaceous, rounded or with blunt lobes, the fertile ones somewhat contracted, chartaceous, saggitate, the apex and lobules acute; pinnules (if any) 1 or 2, similar to the pinnae but smaller; veins free, flabellate-dichotomous, clear brown, lightly raised over the laminar tissue and hairy on both surfaces; laminar hairs abundant, unicellular, whitish, flexuous, 0.
1/3 to 1/2 of the lamina length, 1-pinnate or less divided lamina, non-conform apical pinnae, and membranaceous to chartaceous leaf texture.
Laminae 4-pinnate-pinnatifid at base, chartaceous, dull adaxially 1 M.
Laminae papyraceous to chartaceous, to 140-290 x 29-36 mm, narrowly elliptic (broadest at or beyond the middle), cuneate to shortly decurrent at bases, long-acute at tips (Fig.
Rhizomes brown to greenish, not rugose or only slightly rugose upon drying, lacking whitish wax-like deposits; rhizome scales lanceolate, apices long-attenuate, clathrate, reddish, shiny, margins hyaline and only slightly lacerate, scattered, not covering the rhizome surfaces (sometimes more imbricate at the apices and/or the phyllopodia); laminae pinnatisect, chartaceous to subcoriaceous; medial segments adnate and with a symmetric base; costae and costules abaxially with entire, linear and reddish brown scales, easily visible at the bases of the costae; secondary veins raised on the abaxial surfaces, wider than the tertiary ones; margins of segments cartilaginous; sori in 1(-2) rows between the costae and segments margins.
0 mm wide at mid length; alae hyaline, chartaceous, 2.
5-2 mm), falcate, apices acuminate, margins narrowly hyaline, finely serrulate, reddish brown with slightly paler marginal areas; laminar tissue rigidly chartaceous, drying to a similar pale olive green on both sides, adaxially glabrous, abaxially with scattered, tiny scales on the veins, the scales 0.