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Synonyms for charmer

Synonyms for charmer

someone with an assured and ingratiating manner

a person who charms others (usually by personal attractiveness)

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As he paid this compliment to the merit of the absent charmer, Mr Brass came to a halt; looking doubtfully towards the light, and over his shoulder.
Carriages rattle, doors are battered at, the world exchanges calls; ancient charmers with skeleton throats and peachy cheeks that have a rather ghastly bloom upon them seen by daylight, when indeed these fascinating creatures look like Death and the Lady fused together, dazzle the eyes of men.
The scene closing on these charmers, and the lower slide ascending, oranges were revealed, attended by a mighty japanned sugar-box, to temper their acerbity if unripe.
She's adorable, a real charmer, and we all love her to bits.
and The Charmer Sunbelt Group, one of the nation's leading distributors of fine wines and spirits, have joined forces to promote the "We Don't Serve Teens" campaign in the greater New York area.
Black and white flats, PS18, Tu at Sainsbury's Snake charmer.
The Cake Charmer show has been great fun, and people keep bringing cakes to the show because of the title.
While Bollywood's legendary charmer Khan pulled every trick in his book to entertain the guests at the IPL Gala dinner at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi this Tuesday, it was clear that the audience's eyes were glued to the cricketers.
AFTER just a few too many roles playing a dorkish nice guy (see Juno, Youth In Revolt, Scott Pilgrim), Michael Cera tries something completely different in this low-budget charmer, and its stoner target audience will enjoy every minute.
Charmer himself went on to top the sire ratings on no less than six occasions.
vvThe market suggested the novice chase at Market Rasen was a match between 4-7 favourite Cara Court and 11-4 Midnight Charmer who appeared to have it between them four out.
Long-distance raiders Harouet and Cotswold Charmer are both fancied by connections to run big races in the John Smith's Scottish Borders National at Kelso.
PC AIMEE MANN Charmer (SuperEgo) | IT'S been four years since Aimee Mann's last album and although her vocal caress is as warm as ever, Charmer may surprise with its late-70s pop and rock roots.
Opens Friday, May 1 A DELIGHTFULLY quirky Japanese charmer about heavily pregnant Mitsuko (Riisa Naka) who transforms the oddball characters who live in an old Tokyo tenement.
Created by a merger of Charmer Industries and Sunbelt Beverage Corp.