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Synonyms for charm

Synonyms for charm

a small object worn or kept for its supposed magical power

an object or power that one uses to cause often evil events

to please greatly or irresistibly

to act upon with or as if with magic

Synonyms for charm

attractiveness that interests or pleases or stimulates

something believed to bring good luck

(physics) one of the six flavors of quark

control by magic spells, as by practicing witchcraft

protect through supernatural powers or charms

Related Words

induce into action by using one's charm

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The FDA said that the Charm II assay was unreliable.
Charm prices range from P1,500 up, depending on materials used and the intricacy of the charm.
Kickstarter backers will be rewarded with fun rewards, such as photo charms, digital posters, locket jewelry, monthly charm boxes, and more.
A spokeswoman confirmed the Middlesbrough branch in Captain Cook Square sold the charms - although she was unable to confirm exactly how many had been bought.
t of A availa Yo your three Thi Chris chan uniqu This charm bracelet also makes the perfect Christmas gift, giving your loved one the chance to adapt and design their very own unique accessory.
Jimmy Choo designed a silver shoeand Matthew Williamson went for a funky key charm emcrusted with pink rhinestones.
One hundred people from across the UK were asked to carry a Victorian penny as a charm for a month.
Pooled analysis of the three CHARM studies showed that cardiovascular mortality occurred in 18% of the ARB-treated patients and in 20% of those on placebo, for a 12% relative risk reduction of borderline statistical significance.
One type is made of two charm quarks and an up quark; the other is made of two charm quarks and a down quark.
But Silver Charm already has one major achievement this year; his win and two thirds enabled him to move into third place in the all-time earnings list for US horses, behind only Cigar and Skip Away.
We are absolutely thrilled to be able to add such high quality medical bangle charm bracelets to our jewelry product line," said Toni Bissell, N-Style ID's president and founder.
STAY in vogue this autumn with a stylish crafted charm bracelet for FREE - you just have to pay postage.
Charm bracelets are the hot trend dominating jewellery boxes.
CHARMED LIFE: Motherhood Maternity and the March of Dimes have teamed up to offer the Motherhood Maternity Be Healthy, Be Happy charm in an effort to promote healthy pregnancies as well as healthy babies.