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weedy Eurasian plant often a pest in grain fields

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The new charlock was found in a field that had been used for a three-year trial of GM crops.
Enviromental group Friends of the Earth suspect that a trial site at an Aberdeenshire farm is where the gene escaped as GM oilseed rape cross-bred with common weed charlock.
At one test site, the researchers found a GM version of common weed charlock growing in the field the year after GM trials.
At one test site, the researchers found a GM version of the common weed charlock growing in the field, the year after the GM trial.
Hannah Mounsher, 15, of Charlock Close, Thornhill, Cardiff, disappeared from her home on December 27.
Other plants sought out by the adult females include garlic mustard and charlock.
The next most frequent broad-leaved weeds identified by farmers were mayweed (infesting 86pc of winter wheat), chickweed (infesting 82pc of the crop), charlock (75pc of the total crop), common field speedwell (69pc), fat hen (68pc), volunteer oilseed rape (68pc), field pansy (65pc) common poppy (60pc), knotgrass (59pc) and groundsel (58pc).
s Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant Facility Tour 4: Orange County Sanitation District's Reclamation Plant #1 and Orange County Water District's Groundwater Replenishment System Advance Purification Facility Facility Tour 5: City of Santa Monica's Charlock Well Field Restoration Project Facility Tour 6: City of L.
Manders, of Charlock, Coulby Newham, was jailed for 18 months after he pleaded guilty to three thefts and three attempted burglaries, and breach of the suspended jail sentence.
Thomas Charlock, a scientist at Langley, will give classroom demonstrations about global warming and atmospheric science.
At Eccleston Mere, coltsfoot, red dead nettle and yellow charlock are flowering away, and Jim found good patches of flowering lesser celandine in Rufford.
GM oilseed rape grown during farm trials has cross-bred with charlock to produce a mutant herbicide-resistant variety of the common weed.
Also avoid shepherd's purse or charlock if it has swollen or clubbed roots.