charley horse

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a muscular cramp (especially in the thigh or calf) following vigorous exercise

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The pain from the hit was like a bad charley horse and lasted a good five minutes (and would linger another three days).
Bush looked like he had been shot, or maybe he was just having a charley horse in his brain.
Then Charley Horse comes along and demands a lot of attention.
The latter operates 15 theme restaurants in Illinois and Indiana, including eateries such as The Charley Horse in Chicago and the Gold Rush and Jeremiah Sweeney's in Bloomington.
Taylor Doherty's broken hand has cost him 12 games, Eriah Hayes missed five games with a charley horse, but returned to action on Saturday night.
No, it's like a charley horse, a spasm, in your face.
Our fitness expert Kay Mikesky explains that a charley horse refers to a muscle cramp or spasm in the lower leg.
Injury update: Kip Brennan remained in Los Angeles to get treatment for a charley horse in his leg.
It's like somebody punched me real hard or I have a bad charley horse,'' Molano said, recovering from the shock.