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the dishonesty of a charlatan


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Hitchens often took ambiguity as a lack of earnestness at best and a sure sign of charlatanism at worst.
And so now, it would be complete charlatanism to try and claim any oppression or victimization of Muslims in Turkey.
This isn't outright charlatanism, but it is smoke and mirrors.
It shows there's a lot of charlatanism out there, and a lot of abuse," she commented.
The system manipulates people through spreading lies and myths, supporting magic, charlatanism and quackery,in addition to adopting a caste system, dividing the society into three different segments, rulers who are the finest breed of humans, Al-Sahalek (the rich people), and Al-Agwash (the poor slaves).
This class of people would be able to counter the faults and failings of democracy by ensuring that reason and principle triumphed over passion and charlatanism.
Flanerie] was accompanied by a discriminating taste that allowed him to differentiate genuine quality from charlatanism in the goods and commodities that he observed in shop windows.
But the expected satire of religious gullibility and charlatanism proves toothless, as the Hesses (Jared directed, they both co-wrote) seem reluctant to risk insulting the faithful.
Under these circumstances, perhaps the judges determined that, other than affirming the lower court's decision, and the principle that the science in question ought to be something sounder than charlatanism, nothing more needed to be said, and the less said the better.
NEW YORK: CURATED BY CONNIE BUTLER AND LUIS PEREZ-ORAMAS WITH GEANINNE GUTIERREZ-GUIMARAES AND BEATRIZ RABELO OLIVETTI) A brutal way to put it is that Clark attempted to leave art behind for a kind of therapeutic charlatanism.
15 -- Contemporary scholars, politicians, statesmen and laymen will be bewildered to find the word Charlatanism between the two antagonistic groups of Burmese army known as Tatmadaw and the current KNU (Karen Nation Union).
22) Nowadays, the term sophistry has come to mean the unscrupulous use of fallacious reasoning and intellectual charlatanism.
Then, the Sudanese will celebrate the departure of the despotic reign of terror, absence of the rule of law and good governance, widespread chaos, injustice where Charlatanism and quackery prevailed for the past lean twenty-five years; against the potentials of the rich Sudan in natural and human resources.
Our proposal recognizes the potential benefits of licensing--preventing charlatanism and injury to the public--but rejects the idea that the potential benefits justify total antitrust immunity for licensing.
Perversely, these "holier than thou" reformists, believe that the "sins" of the West will somehow be redeemed by subverting the foundations of everything good and decent about it, everything that would lead to social progress --and replacing them with every conceivable form of intellectual charlatanism and moral/ethical degeneracy.