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a noisy mock serenade (made by banging pans and kettles) to a newly married couple

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The thread that connected these varied perspectives together was the profound intimidation the canal workers were able to forcefully communicate to their rivals through public spectacles like parades and charivaris, thus demonstrating the preoccupation that local magistrates had with these sorts of public spectacles.
The city was forced to reiterate this order after two particularly harsh charivaris organized by ten masked youths in January 1663 and again in November 1665.
Evidence of Charivari customs can be found in parish records, court records, diaries, letters, and newspapers as well as in literature from at least the 1500s up until the 19th century.
Assim como no charivari, o popular espetaculo da sociedade terrena, a disciplina do navio era momentaneamente relaxada, restando poucas barreiras entre o capitao e a tripulacao em festa.
And from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia, charivaris (late night visits to a newly married couple, featuring extreme noisemaking and/or traditional trickery) can follow a marriage.
Even if these doubtful names are accepted, this catalogue still leaves several names unaccounted for, (52) but the majority of those called by the Summoner are easily associated with the clamor, procession, and gossip common to charivari.
On tin-canning and other practices of ritual protest see Bryan Palmer, "Discordant Music: Charivaris and Whitecapping in Nineteenth-Century North America," Labour\Le Travailleur 3 (1978), 5-62.
It formed part of a struggle of the elites, who were intent on imposing their fastidious tastes and reducing noise to some sort of harmonious order, against 'rough music,' charivaris, and rackets, which all served to define the people.
Ceux qui ont vecu les episodes de tensions intercommunautaires entre catholiques et protestants ont connu les << charivaris >>, l'ostracisme, parfois la propagande haineuse et les denonciations en chaire, l'application etendue de la << loi du cadenas >> (10), et les superstitions liant le diable au culte protestant (11).
The covers mentioned are for Labour/Le Travail, 46 (Fall 2000) and 48 (Fall 2001); on music see, for example, Bryan Palmer, "Discordant Music: Charivaris and Whitecapping in Nineteenth-Century North America," Labour/Le Travailleur, 3 (1978), 5-62; William Eric Perkins, "A Crate of Records Is Like a History Book," Labour/Le Travail, 35 (Spring 1995), 273-80.
She is good on the songs, caricatures, charivaris, meetings, pamphlets, and the command performances of Tartuffe as being a script for anticlericals, most of whom were not in the electorate.
There would have been exciting popular demonstrations, window-smashings, and unpleasant charivaris at the houses of the leading supporters of such a foolish, uncalled-for for, and unjust law.
14) I will never forget Thompson's 1988 lecture on charivaris and rough music at Queen's University, in Kingston, Ontario, where he began his talk with lengthy reference to the first Kingston bylaw passed to cu rb the proliferation of crowds of discordant musickers in the 1830s and 1840s, a document he had unearthed on his own, by making a trek to the local archive.
Le carnaval, le deroulement de la greve, les cris du marche ont cette caracteristique commune de creer un univers sonore specifique ou les chants, les discours, les charivaris et les bruits divers s'entremelent.
This particular dimension to the demonstrations links them, if only loosely, to charivaris in which transgressors were placed on a cart or were paraded backwards on a horse or ass; [74] in one incident, an informer was actually "set upon an Ass .