charity shot

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an unhindered basketball shot from the foul line

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Jameel, however, succumbed to the pressure and sank just one of his three charity shots, gifting the win to their rivals.
Batangas' point guard Tamayo paved the way for their victory after he went on perfect from the line in the charity shots from a foul by Viillegas with 1:10 left.
BMW got the chance to recover when Ford's center and leading scorer Domingo Apuyan committed a foul and Gayo converted his charity shots to put the score at 70-70.
Still, the guard finished with a team-high 17 points, including the final charity shots to ice the victory.
Tolentino pulled off a jumper to equalise the game 64-64, with 2:02 left and another basket to take a 2-point lead with 1: 18 left but Manila Red Apple's Charlie Herradura bounced back by completing two charity shots from a quick foul by Rodel Mallari.
The Generals shot themselves in the foot by turning the ball over 23 times while missing 18 of 42 charity shots.
The Musketeers missed some key charity shots down the stretch that could have changed the outcome of the game.
What's even more remarkable is that RathanMayes scored 26 straight points, knocked down 8of10 from the field, 6of8 from deep, and drained eight charity shots.
But just as Muharraq had levelled the proceedings, Sow made a jump hook and then two charity shots to give them another four-point lead with under a minute remaining.
Teammate Mohammed Hussain had a chance to his team ahead by three with just under 10 seconds remaining, but he missed both his charity shots to allow Muharraq one last chance to steal the win.
A long jumper from Sow and then a triple by Nairouz swung things back in Manama's favour, 77-72, with less than three minutes to go, but then three straight points from six-foot, 11-inch Giles and Mohammed Quwayed's two late charity shots tied it at 77-all.
Instead, Quwayed was gifted with a pair of uncontested charity shots and he coolly sank both to hand his team the hard-earned win.
Both teams had their chances to come away with the win in yesterday's tightly contested affair, and in the end it was Hala who were fortunate enough to emerge triumphant despite missing four late charity shots that should have made it a more comfortable result.
Eight straight points from the national team sharp-shooter helped bring his team back to within single digits, 61-69, and then teammate Ahmed Al Durazi connected on a pair of charity shots to further cut their deficit to just six points with just over a minute remaining.
A three-pointer from Ahli's Maytham Jameel and two free-throws by Essa Ebrahim then led to a tough bank shot made by Abdulmajeed that put Muharraq back ahead, 73-72, but another pair of Jameel charity shots saw the lead exchange hands once more, 74-73.