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a case for a welfare worker


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I was now becoming a sort of excess food charity case and why?
Africa is still seen as a charity case waiting for salvation from outside the continent.
ANKARA/ISTANBUL, Oct 17, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkish police are searching several places in the city of Istanbul regarding a German charity case.
The last thing I want to be seen as is a charity case.
He said: "Northern Rock was not a charity case - it had to pay a penal rate for the support it received.
A friend of mine and I were trying a charity case in New Mexico over continuing services to an elderly couple when the power company's lawyer said that a certain proposition he was trying to establish could not be "gainsaid.
I have been head-hunted by Vesey Players - which sounds better than taken in as a charity case - and although I have written and appeared in numerous pantomimes in the past, and from time to time have been known to appear in sketches and revues in a frock, this will be my first time treading the boards (rather gingerly in high heels) as a fully fledged dame in the role of Widow Twankey.
There is a way to do this so a person doesn't feel embarrassed or that they are a charity case.
But if I gave to all the 25 charities that contact me, I'd be a charity case myself.
Romford handler Kim Marlow was fined pounds 750 and severely reprimanded after the positive sample taken from Charity Case at the Essex track in November, while Sittingbourne handler George Andreas was fined pounds 1,000 after the positive sample taken from Ill Get Him at the Kent circuit in January.
How does being identified, or indeed having to self-identify as a charity case empower patients?
Charles, after all, had made an international name for himself by age 20, and his friendships with many artists--Man Ray, Ezra Pound, William Faulkner, Paul Cadmus, to name just a few--hardly made him a charity case.
What Moseley don't seem to realise is that (a) they are not a charity case and (b) the firm stance taken over the years by the city council mirrors the views of the people of Birmingham.
But they don't want East Timor to be a permanent charity case, a place where they will have to be provided aid indefinitely just to sustain the basic functions of government," he said.
She was sent as a charity case to a Cathlic boarding school in Cornwell Heights, Pennsylvania.