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a trust created for charitable or religious or educational or scientific purposes


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A member of the public that a charitable trust benefits is barred from enforcing a duty of that trust because this rule protects the trustees from widespread suits predicated on little investigation.
the administration of a discriminatory charitable trust is simply to
A beneficiary with an unconditional right to receive all or part of the specified cash flows from an identifiable pool of assets or a charitable trust must recognize the beneficial interest--measured and subsequently remeasured at fair value using a valuation technique such as the present value of future cash flows.
The ExtraCare Charitable Trust was represented by a multidiscipline Pinsent Masons team across banking and property, led by Partner Edward Sunderland, alongside Victoria Baker, Jennifer Rawlins, Tom Denslow, Tom Eastwood and Jenny Walker.
The Wright Hassall Charitable Trust was launched in 2012 and supports charities and good causes in the local area or with which a member of staff at the firm has a close involvement in.
Gary Watson, centre manager of Cerebral Palsy Midlands, said "We are thrilled to receive this wonderful financial support from the trustees of the Alison Hillman Charitable Trust.
In 2012, a charitable trust was created to take control of the baths and to apply for funding.
SCORES of women who say they were abused by Jimmy Savile have won the latest round of a court fight with a charitable trust which is the major beneficiary of the late TV star's estate.
The donation comes from the Bradford-based Sovereign Health Care Charitable Trust and will also benefit health services in Halifax, Bradford, WaKefield, Leeds and Harrogate.
pa Chief executive Jeff Fairburn said he will set up a private charitable trust to support causes important to himself and his family.
But a donation from the WPH Charitable Trust for a stairlift has given Bert a welcome boost - making everyday living a lot more comfortable.
Summary: Dhaka [Bangladesh], Dec 28 (ANI): Former prime minister and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chairperson Khaleda Zia on Thursday appeared before a Dhaka court in connection with the Zia Orphanage Trust and Zia Charitable Trust corruption cases.
ASCHEME to bring burial plots to city parks could come to life after proposals to hand control of parks to a charitable trust were given the go-ahead.
Working with the 6 million+ Charitable Trust and based at the University of Huddersfield, the group shared music, artwork, film and writing and contributed to a performance created for the Holocaust Memorial Day event called "Beyond Words" which will take place at the university on January 25 next year.
Comments attributed to Attorney General John Quigley: "It is important that when concerns are raised by people in the community as to the disbursement of funds from a charitable trust, they are looked into.
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