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Synonyms for charitable

Synonyms for charitable

concerned with human welfare and the alleviation of suffering

Synonyms for charitable

full of love and generosity

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showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

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You, who have your solicitors to inform you of legal remedies and your newspapers, circulars, and active friends to sound the praises of charitable institutions continually in your ears--you, who possess these advantages, have no idea of the outer world of ignorance in which your lost fellow-creatures live.
Due to the most recent economic downturn, many corporate taxpayers accumulated significant carryovers of net operating losses (NOLs), alternative minimum tax (AMT) net operating losses (ATNOLs), and charitable deductions.
Two tax-related bills passed in 2006--the Pension Protection Act (PPA) and the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act--affect a wide variety of tax planning areas, including investing, educational funding, retirement planning, charitable giving, and the alternative minimum tax (AMT).
African Americans are charitable by nature, ever mindful of the trials we've endured to get to where we are, grateful that we've overcome, and eager to make our path to a better life just a little easier for others to follow.
Estate planners have several tools and techniques to help clients meet their tax and non-tax planning needs, including the charitable remainder unitrust, or CRUT.
Treasury guideline "suggest that charitable organizations are agents of the government," workers for U.
Units on the charitable contribution of cash and food inventory have been temporarily modified for all individuals and businesses.
The Charitable Service Trust is helping ease the pain for disabled veterans with a S 15,900 grant to the W761 American Pain Foundation in Baltimore, Md.
For a decade and a half, TEI has been urging the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service to revise the rules under section 861 relating to the allocation and apportionment of charitable contributions.
Often, amounts in trust are directed completely or in part to charitable interests, which serve as the trust's beneficiaries.
While we applaud your recent efforts to unite and rally the nation and spur charitable giving to victims and communities, Charitable Choice is only a step backward toward divisiveness.
That finding bodes well for insurers offering strategies that provide tax advantages for charitable giving.
Charitable choice was one of the issues of the 2000 elections upon which there was supposed agreement.
Ari[grave{e}]s maintains that the functions of wills changed in the context of a transformation of family customs during the second half of the eighteenth century, [4] and that certain of these functions, particularly those concerning charitable and religious matters, became less important as mutual affection within families grew in intensity.
Sure, donors might expect a tax deduction in return for their largesse, but did they view charitable giving as a tax shelter or investment plan?