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Synonyms for charismatic

Synonyms for charismatic

possessing an extraordinary ability to attract


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His Reggie is a suave, charismatically volatile antihero calculated to inspire perverse admiration among younger male auds; his playfully eccentric inhabitation of the gay, mentally unstable Ronnie would, on its own, rep the more extravagant bid for thespian kudos.
This attempt might well have succeeded had not Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North so charismatically made the Reaganite case on the witness stand.
Since entrepreneurship is a charismatically charged term and carries a lot of social weight, to reduce social desirability in reporting high self-efficacy the survey instruction emphasized honesty for self assessment.
Various items on the questionnaire were grouped based on how the leader is charismatically transformational in his/her approach while being considerate.
A gay and lesbian fanbase was charismatically inclined to receive a charismatically "endowed" figure (Weber's term) who could make the heart beat faster and, as Koestenbaum writes, "restore queer embodiment, if only for the duration of a phrase" (42).
He identifies the paradoxes of Pentecostalism as local vs global, charismatically excessive vs wholistically spiritual, denominational and sectarian vs ecumenical and orthodox, institutionalist vs egalitarian, triumphalist vs socially and politically active, low-income vs wealth-focused, anti-intellectual vs growing in scholarship.
The character's name is Joe Stefanos (I cite the spelling of the character's name in Homes' novel) and he works for Whit Sterling, a "big op" charismatically played by Kirk Douglas.
The SYRIZA party leader, Tsipras, seems to be young and charismatically preaching that Greece can stay in the Eurozone without the extensive austerity measures.
Highly distrustful of authority figures and bureaucracy, Kaurismiiki presents himself as a charismatically dour pessimist with a mischievous streak and a strong appetite for alcohol and cigarettes--the very image of one of his own downtrodden characters.
Pretension is a constant threat, but one that Finsel charismatically deflects--as he did here, via the pig latinization of all his titles and the corporeal theatrics of his pet shapes.
Meanwhile, the Khan Academy charges on, and Sal Khan charismatically spreads his gospel from the multiple platforms of contemporary communications.
She is confronted with an actual conflict when she becomes aware of dazzlingly handsome and exceptionally urbane Khaleel's origin, the man whom she meets on the plane on her way back to Pakistan and is charismatically drawn towards him.
To lose him, along with the charm of Tommo, but to keep the charismatically void Nick Luck makes no sense.
And indie bands aren't the most charismatically chatty people anyway.
Voulkos, who charismatically lead the charge to position clay as a sculptural medium and broke with the traditional rules in existence at the time, was Soldner's teacher and mentor.