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Synonyms for charismatic

Synonyms for charismatic

possessing an extraordinary ability to attract


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CEO leadership attributes and profitability under conditions of perceived environmental uncertainty" ( dfw4t) concluded that it was advantageous for companies to "hire a CEO who is very charismatic rather than one who is excellent at managing operations but who has little charisma--but only when the company is operating under uncertain conditions.
In addition to the obsession with heroes who miraculously make history, the popular yearning for charismatic leaders is born out of the current deterioration of Egypt's social, economic and political life and the almost fatalistic belief that nothing progressive could ever arise out of it.
The first three establish the intellectual, phenomenological, and regional context for analyzing the gender discourses of Accra's charismatic churches.
On my first visit to this charismatic Catholic church, I sat in the back avoiding any eye contact, fearing it would signal I was a newcomer and would be harassed into conversion, a common practice in my family's church whenever a new face appears.
In a 1990 research project, Reed estimated that about a fifth of Canadian Anglicans identified themselves as charismatic. But the charismatic movement in Canadian Anglicanism has lost more members than it has gained since then, Reed says, so this figure is likely to be lower now.
As Professor Christopher Browning puts it, charismatic leaders with a sense of delusionary over-confidence feel a certain intoxication in making history.
Every charismatic leader makes everyone around him feel important by intimately engaging with each individual even if there are one thousand people in his presence.
Salvini is young, charismatic, nationalist and happy to identify himself as on the far right of Italian politics.
He portrayed Christ as six foot tall, golden haired, blue eyed and charismatic.
The three major bases on which leadership is generally built are of charismatic, rational and traditional.
James Whitehouse, charismatic, charming junior minister, is accused of raping a parliamentary aide he was having an affair with.
Although Pentecostal and charismatic churches have been growing rapidly in Asia and a number of megachurches have been founded, none of them have become members of the CCA.
A brilliant, charismatic, intelligent, soulful, wonderful dude.
Sikandar Hayat, in an updated and revised edition of his book, The Charismatic Leader: Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the Creation of Pakistan (Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2014) challenges these explanations and interpretations and draws attention towards the centrality of Jinnah as 'the Charismatic Leader', who with a commitment of purpose, integrity, dedication and unflinching support from his followers, at the most critical juncture in the history of Indian Muslims offered the 'formula of a separate state' that led to the creation of Pakistan.