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a race between ancient chariots

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CHARIOT RACE 2002 - Well before the Super Bowl, long before the Stanley Cup, there was one spectacular spectator sport above all others: the Roman chariot race.
As well as the legendary, breathtaking chariot race towards the end of the film, there's also a fantastic naval battle to look out for and a good few sword fights thrown in for good measure.
Ben Hur - The Stadium Spectacular', a massive live production based on the Hollywood movie starring Charlton Heston and featuring a full-scale chariot race and a sea battle, will be held at ANZ Stadium in Sydney on October 22 and 23.
The climactic chariot race, staged in a huge amphitheatre, is still thrilling.
Instead of opting for a drawing room comedy by Oscar Wilde or Noel Coward, requiring a small cast and a couple of sets, they've decided to honour Boyd's memory with an ambitious take on Ben-Hur, which requires a chariot race, a sea battle and a leper colony.
They performed an impressive chariot race similar to the Old Roman chariots in a historical surrounding.
Joking aside, as the end of the transfer window approaches, you can feel a bit like Charlton Heston in the Ben Hur chariot race striving to keep ahead of the pack.
The chariot race sequence in the Roman Circus (an amazing replica) is one of the most thrilling in film history and except for two of the most spectacular stunts, both Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd did all their own chariot driving.
BEN-HUR (1959): Best known for the white-knuckle chariot race that cost dollars 1million of its dollars 12,500,000 budget, Charlton Heston starred as the hero, Judah Ben-Hur.
The chariot race between Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd in the 1959 film Ben Hur came second in the poll,carried out by UCI cinemas to mark the forthcoming release of the latest epic Troy.
Chester A chariot race forms part of Chester's Roman day but the highlight of the meeting still remains the pounds 25,000 Tsingtao Chinese Beer Handicap (3.
Highlight was a chariot race, each involving teams of six and each toiling in the afternoon sun as they navigated the cattle ring.
But during the dark ages, when government was weak, all the great inventions that set the stage for the industrial revolution occurred: the saddle, the stirrup, the horseshoe, the horse collar, the tandem harness (the chariot race in Ben Hur would in reality have been a much tamer affair), the water mill, the crank, and several others.
THE 17th Linthwaite Scouts had a very successful weekend at the annual Scout chariot race at Bispham Hall Scout camp site, near Wigan.
THESE are the shocking images of a dangerous Traveller chariot race which caused chaos on a main road.