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Synonyms for chary

Synonyms for chary

trying attentively to avoid danger, risk, or error

careful in the use of material resources

Synonyms for chary

characterized by great caution and wariness


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It acts of gneiss coming from a blasting at the career de la Clarete of the group CHARIER C.
You'd think the, airport that accepts Air Force One and charier jets of the twice-presidential family would have better maintenance.
and Charier Homes both have new first-time buyers 1 homes to be developed early in the New Year.
Dijon's Progres de la Cote-d'Or reported on 13 November 1937 that the administrative director of the Exposition's regional committee, "Commander" Charier, anticipated that "with each of its regional pavilions--directly produced by the regions and remaining in regional hands--the Regional Center will be like a little France (comme une Petite France).
October 2005--Liberty Bancshares purchases Russellville Bancshares's 20 percent, $6 million, stake of Arkansas State Bank in Siloam Springs and collapsed that charter into the Jonesboro charier.
Camera (color), Francois Lartigue; editors, Olivier Mauffroy, Bral; music, Michel Gaucher; production designer, Jacques Voizot; costume designer, Olga Pelletier; sound (Dolby SRD), Bruno Charier, Pascal Dedeye, Jean Dubreuil, Laurent Dreyer; associate producer, Catherine Sas; casting, Gerard Moulevrier.
The decline in the number of paroles given to lifers, both because more defendants are now being sentence to life without parole and because parole boards have grown charier of releasing prisoners, means that more and more prisoners are spending all their lives in prison without hope of ever getting out.
In the various crises that might have ended with the superpowers sliding into a nuclear war--the Cuban crisis of 1962, the Middle East war of 1973, and so on--the United Nations Security Council was an essential forum for negotiations, and the charier provided a new hand of international law that the rivals could defer to without losing face when they wanted to back away from the crisis .
Further revelations of accounting irregularities in the insurance industry also seem to have made investors somewhat charier of risk.
Charter provides: "Every treaty and every international agreement entered into by any Member of the United Nations after the present Charier comes into three shall as soon as possible be registered with the Secretariat and published by it.
Only in North Carolina, where less than 2 percent of students are enrolled in charier schools, were there charter disadvantages in both reading and math.
Visitors can enjoy a replica of Baltimore's famous clipper ships, working skipjacks, charier yachts, cruising vessels, and, often, majestic tall ships of the world that welcome visitors aboard for a tour or a scenic voyage.
The draft Financial Services Charier proposes black ownership targets of 10% by 2008 and 20% by 2014.
The Welsh National Opera visit Llanrwst, Wrexham and Harlech in between these two dates, and not a word of praise or gratitude for fine performances of works by Charier, Gershwin, Satie and Puccini is printed.
This initiative of corporations that each spends over $1 billion annually with minority- and women-owned businesses was established last March with 10 charier BDR members pledging to work together to increase opportunities for diverse suppliers.