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Synonyms for chary

Synonyms for chary

trying attentively to avoid danger, risk, or error

careful in the use of material resources

Synonyms for chary

characterized by great caution and wariness


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s 1992 Patient Charier (28) included a number of specific expectations along with a variety of more common aspirational statements.
All 10 schools faced challenges that generally paralleled those of other charier schools across Ohio.
Charier hoped visitors would experience Burgundian gastronomy in the center's appropriately rustic setting, and would take home a powerful image (souvenir) of Burgundy's artisan, aesthetic and folkloric riches ("L'economie bourguignonne vue de l'Exposition" 1).
The draft Financial Services Charier proposes black ownership targets of 10% by 2008 and 20% by 2014.
The Welsh National Opera visit Llanrwst, Wrexham and Harlech in between these two dates, and not a word of praise or gratitude for fine performances of works by Charier, Gershwin, Satie and Puccini is printed.
This initiative of corporations that each spends over $1 billion annually with minority- and women-owned businesses was established last March with 10 charier BDR members pledging to work together to increase opportunities for diverse suppliers.
Evan Corbin (16), Jeremy Knee (15), and Heston Charier (14) each scored in double figures for Oakland.
The charier of museums and archives includes a mandate to preserve the information embodied in their collections.
The JOA expires in 2005; what happens after that has become the central guessing game in Bay Area journalism, since with each passing year the principals grow charier about revealing their plans.
See Teressa Nahanee, Dancing with a Gorilla: Aboriginal Women, Justice and the Charier, in ABORIGINAL PEOPLES AND THE JUSTICE SYSTEM: REPORT OF THE NATIONAL ROUNDTABLE ON ABORIGINAL JUSTICE ISSUES 360-61 (Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples 1993).
In Massachusetts, Boston public schools and the local school board agreed to establish at least six new pilot schools themselves, with many similarities to charier schools.
First, in "Alberta's New Patient Charter", Tracey Bailey and Mark Amman discuss the proposed Health Charier as part of Alberta's new Health Care Act.
While progressive unions throughout the country are working with charter schools, having concluded that charier schools are bettering public education, local L.
The author advocates a principled substantive justice approach to compensation, which is consistent with human rights law and the Canadian Charier of Rights and Freedoms, and which avoids differential valuation of loss of human potential based on arbitrary and discriminatory factors as well as stereotypical assumptions about marginalized groups.
One of the elementary debates around the Canadian Charier concerns the extent to which its rights and freedoms have application in disputes between non-governmental actors.