charge unit

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a measure of the quantity of electricity (determined by the amount of an electric current and the time for which it flows)

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Clement Keys partner Gavin Whitehouse (left) with newly-recruited Richard Whittle (centre) and property service charge unit manager Chris Giles (right)
A beacon signals the fill station operator that a a bin has insufficient quantity to complete a set of batch charge units.
We have policies in place to minimise our CO2 emissions on all our parks and the Fast Charge unit will help us take our green mission the extra mile.
Contract awarded for contract preventive and corrective maintenance of 11 tables and seventy surgical tables, of charge unit police hospital hall.
The package includes: camera body (NTSC Set); video cable (EG-10); a power supply set that includes a quick charge unit, a DC adapter, a rechargeable battery, and an AC cable; a memory card (EC-15); External Sync Adapter (EX-10); and software which includes MAC Photoshop plug-in driver and PC TWAIN drivenowned for their o ptical excellence, without any loss of the lens angle of view.
Similarly, members of The New Motion travelling to the UK will be able to use any of the charge units forming part of the Charge Your Car network.