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More than 570,000 Dart Charge accounts have now been set up, at a rate of more than 2,300 a day.
According to the complaint, the money Lile owes is for "payment on his past due charge account, from which he, or others designated by him, received food, beverages, membership privileges, or other valuable goods and services from Chenal without timely remitting payment for same.
Wenatchee Sand and Gravel seeks payment on the charge account for Parker Homes Inc.
For small businesses with their own charge accounts, CPAs should alert owners and employees to the risk that some customers will purposely buy huge amounts of merchandise and run up debts they have no intention of paying.
Caste Credit has announced the launch of a new charge account, the Case Credit Vantage Account, which gives construction equipment customers additional financing options for parts, service and equipment rentals.
1976), the taxpayer accounted for most of its charge accounts on the installment method, but used the less favorable accrual method for one type of charge account that the IRS did not think properly fit the definition of "installment sale.
It would be like VISA displaying your charge account Vegas style on your front lawn.
Wenatchee Valley Truck Stop is seeking payment for an overdue charge account for fuel from Diamondback Trucking Inc.
When they were about to be attacked by the huge barman because they were unable to pay, Newton yelled: "Put it on my mother's charge account at Harrods
Noting the hardship the hike might pose for Lifeline customers, the council has directed staffers to investigate using funds from the public benefits charge account to provide a greater subsidy to those customers to offset the hike.
And Marks & Spencer won't charge account card customers over the phone.
If Bank of America wants to charge account holders to access their own money, every other bank, particularly credit unions and community banks will welcome the flood of customers in search of a new bank," added Lugar.
Brian's Painting started a charge account with Kemp Inc.
At Stirling Sheriff Court yesterday, her solicitor claimed Lavelle, the vice-president of a US computer firm, led a "lavish and extravagant" lifestyle, including the charge account at Saks on New York's Fifth Avenue.