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com was more than five times that for Sonoma County Chardonnay grapes.
California growers pick the Chardonnay grape when it is riper and do not put the wine through malolactic fermentation, which softens the acid content.
At the same time, demand remains strong for cheaper Chardonnay jug wines, and Chardonnay grapes are commonly used to make sparkling wines.
It's made with 100 per cent chardonnay grape, it keeps its fizz and is also perfect for mixers.
The positioning of the new bath additive is a little more premium and sensual than most, its recipe being based on red Cabernet or white Chardonnay grape varieties.
Made from the Chardonnay grape, this wine is light, crisp and dry with a fresh lemony smell - a good-value example of Chablis.
Fast forward to today and this new cuvee in a clear glass bottle embraces the essence of the chardonnay grape with its fresh, vivacious, mineral notes and pretty floral aromatics.
The white, from the Chardonnay grape, was delicate and refreshing.
Chablis, made from the Chardonnay grape in the north of Burgundy, is typically light, crisp, fruity, and floral.
The Chardonnay grape, which originated in Lebanon, became the most popular in the world when it was grown in California.
Henry Fessy Macon-Villages 1996 - made from the Chardonnay grape but this wine is dry and toasty with a mineral edge typical of Burgundy.
These oak nuances are normally associated with the Chardonnay grape variety, but Chardonnay has much more to offer than just oak and vanilla spice buttery tones.
BEST BUY: A reminder of twhy the out-of-favour Chardonnay grape should not be forgotten: Montes Reserva Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, from Chile, is PS6.
A rich flavoured and beautifully textured fish with the richness of the potatoes and squid needs the Chardonnay grape.