chard plant

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Trap them in beer-baited traps, use an iron phosphate slug control product, or try repelling them by surrounding your chard plants with crushed eggshells.
They point to the recent decision by Dairy Crest to close its Chard plant in Somerset.
Between the vines, lizards flit around through the tall grass, fennel and mint, stray zucchini and chard plants.
That day, when they annihilated my cilantro and baby chard plants, was the final straw.
Effect of NaCl addition on Cl concentrations (mM) in soil solution and on shoot dry weight (g/pot) of wheat and Swiss chard plants grown on biosolid-amended soils
Therefore, the reduction in Cl- in 0 mM K, Alkalinity+0 mM K, and Alkalinity+2 mM K treatments clearly contributed an adverse effect to the natural physiological metabolism processes of Swiss chard plants in these treatments.