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Carrey, without that weird bald head he's been sporting for ages, looked natty in a charcoal gray suit at Thursday's DVD launch party for ``Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
And although it's generally frowned upon to wear a red suit when seeking a job, career strategists do agree that a hint of red is appropriate when worn under a classic navy or charcoal gray suit for an interview.
This snake is a velvety charcoal gray in color, with a pale yellow to bright orange belly and matching necklace.
The 3300 Series bench-top testers are available in teal green, cobalt blue, charcoal gray, and scarlet red.
Then line your eyes with charcoal gray liner, top and bottom (close your eye and place a finger close to your brow to lift your eye and make it taut.
Available in white or charcoal gray, FoodSaver Professional II is UL and CUL listed, and it carries a one-year warranty for parts and labor.
Move offered the Midnight Blue towel group, mixing deep, nearly black blues with gray and silver; Pretti showed brown, black and gray woven stripes and houndstooth; and Marks-Pelle Vavare featured midnight blue and brown, and charcoal gray and black combinations.
The sky was charcoal gray, and rain was hitting the ground in a soft rhythm like a bass drum.
Featuring a charcoal gray, opaque primer for an end product that ensures 99 percent opacity, the company says the opaque labelstocks provide excellent cover-up while maintaining the whiteness and brightness of the sheets' facestocks.
In addition, the bench-top testers are available in four jewel tones: jade-teal green, sapphire blue, charcoal gray and ruby red.
Police were looking for what witnesses described as a late-model charcoal gray Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra pickup.
The company has been innovative--with charcoal gray end emerald green PCs, plus en industry-leading three-year warranty--and has been competitive on price.
He used Vermont green slate for floors, wainscoting, and tub platform; charcoal gray plastic-laminate for the cabinet fronts; and polished granite for the countertop.
For perhaps the first time since he arrived from Florida in the fall of 1997, the ebullient, celebrity-loving, say-anything Mitchell's mood was matched by the color of his clothes: black and charcoal gray.
99 and will be available in April in charcoal gray.