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player acts out a phrase for others to guess

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He called for a few moments, just to leave a piece of paper on the table containing, as he said, a charade, which a friend of his had addressed to a young lady, the object of his admiration, but which, from his manner, Emma was immediately convinced must be his own.
Where would be the use of his bringing us a charade made by a friend upon a mermaid or a shark?
I do think it is, without exception, the best charade I ever read.
Miss Woodhouse, what a pity that I must not write this beautiful charade into my book
But take it away, and all appropriation ceases, and a very pretty gallant charade remains, fit for any collection.
But here is my father coming: you will not object to my reading the charade to him.
My dear Harriet, you must not refine too much upon this charade.
A piece of paper was found on the table this morning(dropt, we suppose, by a fairy) containing a very pretty charade, and we have just copied it in.
It is such a pretty charade, my dear, that I can easily guess what fairy brought it.
Later in the morning, and just as the girls were going to separate in preparation for the regular four o'clock dinner, the hero of this inimitable charade walked in again.
What charade Colonel Dent and his party played, what word they chose, how they acquitted themselves, I no longer remember; but I still see the consultation which followed each scene: I see Mr.
A portion of that splendid room, the picture gallery of Gaunt House, was arranged as the charade theatre.
Rawdon Crawley, who is going to act in the charade, comes forward and compliments Mrs.
The three syllables of this charade were to be depicted in pantomime, and the performance took place in the following wise:
Where was the beautiful black-eyed Houri whose appearance in the first charade had caused such delight?