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Synonyms for charade

Synonyms for charade

the presentation of something false as true

Synonyms for charade

a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way

a word acted out in an episode of the game of charades

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Going by the charade in Kano, the 2019 general election is clearly imperilled, particularly in the absence of concrete steps to curb underage voting.
matchmakers seldom perceive the palindrome and the charade passage pair
The Charade is powered by a three-cylinder 989cc engine that can take the car a whisker away from 100mph.
The Charade remains the UK's most economical petrol-engined five-door with a CO2 reading of 114g/km.
DAIHATSU has improved its Charade range in a move which pushes up prices by more than pounds 75 0.
If they had only known that, after two years' of their collecting evidence, he would come up with his own crackpot idea then they need not have bothered with the whole charade.
So when the Daihatsu Charade arrived at my office last week my first thought was that it looked like, well, a small box.
There are also price reductions for the Charade supermini models averaging pounds 300, which makes the entry-level three-door EL version just pounds 5,695, with the five-door at pounds 6,495.
Leaving the passengers and driver standing by the side of the road, Amos takes the coach further up the trail where he changes clothes and returns to begin his charade.
Jesse McKeown's The Big Charade is a hilarious send-up of corny Hollywood action flicks, cut like a movie trailer.
Japanese compact car specialist, Daihatsu, is celebrating the first birthday of its Charade city car with a summer offer that takes prices back to when it was launched.
The all-male cast, dressed in Esteban Frances' vivid critter costumes, kept this character charade funny and focused.
Nathan insisted: ``You can only put on a charade for so long before you start acting a double charade.
In "Sharon's Charade," you express doubt that Bush will sway Sharon to the need for a Palestinian state.
The concept of "democratic debate" is all too often a cynical charade behind which the real business goes on, i.