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the act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features

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Firstly, samples undergo a process of characterization, either by: LC-MS peptide mapping; N-terminal sequencing; or by using a Mass Spectrometry based method.
It also delves into why many industries routinely use particle characterization techniques within their businesses, exploring applications such as improved control of product quality and gaining a better understanding of products, ingredients and processes.
5 pm to 10 mm, the system enables characterization of hard to tackle samples in a few simple steps.
SiliconSmart ACE Memory Characterization provides ease of use through automation, efficiency through optimization and accuracy through simulation, significantly reducing the time and effort to model any memory instance," said Anirudh Devgan, general manager of Magma's Custom Design Business Unit.
Characterization of rubber-to-metal failures can be a challenging task.
The TAM'S conclusion reaffirms the importance of including appropriate language in any settlement agreement and providing documentation to support the payment's characterization for tax purposes.
These issues, coupled with mass characterization difficulties, have led many to consider the DNAPL problem essentially intractable and to argue for containment as the best management strategy (Cherry et al.
Transfer Pricing Rubric: The Circular circumscribes the issue as an allocation of deductions rather than an allocation of income through its characterization approach.
More recently, serotype G9 has been associated with both long and short electropherotypes and a variety of P types including P[6], P[8], and P[11], and molecular characterization of a representative sample of these strains suggests that genomic reassortment played an important role in their evolution (4).
One of the target areas is the improper characterization of spent foundry wastes as non-hazardous.
a leading global manufacturer of electronic components for mobile devices, home electronics, automotive vehicles, and environment/energy markets, has selected the Analog Characterization Environment product (ACE ), which was previously a Berkeley Design Automation product, for characterization of its complex mixed-signal and sensor ICs.
Elastomer QC software, described in company literature, is an extension of the firm's dynamic characterization and static deflection software used to determine the basic material properties of a test specimen.
Advances in Protein Chemistry, Volume 65: Proteome Characterization and Proteomics
The next target is photoreceiver characterization over a 100 GHz bandwidth, which NIST scientists hope to achieve later this year to aid the development of the new 40 GB/s optical links.
Molecular and serologic characterization has shown that the HGE agent is closely related or identical to Ehrlichia equi and E.
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