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the act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features

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Firstly, samples undergo a process of characterization, either by: LC-MS peptide mapping; N-terminal sequencing; or by using a Mass Spectrometry based method.
It also delves into why many industries routinely use particle characterization techniques within their businesses, exploring applications such as improved control of product quality and gaining a better understanding of products, ingredients and processes.
5 pm to 10 mm, the system enables characterization of hard to tackle samples in a few simple steps.
SiliconSmart ACE Memory Characterization provides ease of use through automation, efficiency through optimization and accuracy through simulation, significantly reducing the time and effort to model any memory instance," said Anirudh Devgan, general manager of Magma's Custom Design Business Unit.
To be optimal, this will require expert judgment and dialogue in the problem formulation and risk characterization phases of the ecological risk assessment paradigm (11) (Figure 1).
Part two focuses on photoemission techniques, with chapters covering ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy (UPS), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry for characterization of thin film growth.
Special sessions will focus on polyolefin characterization, surfaces and interfaces, miniaturization and high-throughput analysis, on-line process control, as well as other areas of polymer analysis.
It covers major aspects of process technology and most characterization techniques for silicon research, including developments, manufacturing, and diagnostics.
A second research opportunity of this position will be the characterization of mice that overexpress COX-1 or COX-2, including their carcinogenic susceptibilities and the signaling pathways altered due to COX overexpression.
ZChar is a general-purpose library characterization system for standard cells, memories, and other IP.
Subjects covered in this course will include rheology, rheometry, viscometry, dispersions, colloids, complex fluids, fluid flow, non-Newtonian behavior, viscoelasticity, polymer rheology, coatings, adhesives, inks, sealants, thermoset chemorheology, cure characterization and coating defects.
A new technical working area on characterization methods for ceramic powders and porous materials has been formed within the Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards (known by the acronym VAMAS) to develop technical data on the size distribution and surface area of particles and porosity of unfired (green) bodies for use by standards-writing organizations.
This transducer is said to be able to measure the characterization of low viscosity melts.
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