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the act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features

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16nm FinFET library characterization tool setting available at TSMC-Online
We have stringent characterization requirements to ensure the high-quality of our power management blocks, including complex nests of corner and sweeps, said Kazuhiro Hirane, Section Manager, IC Engineering Department, Engineering Headquarters, Alps Electric Co.
A basic guide to particle characterization' covers introductory basics, theory and instrumentation as well as providing a reference guide to help the reader decide what might be most appropriate technique for their particle characterization needs.
Based on the analytical characterization of the failure, there are two potential mechanisms for bond failure.
However, the agreement was silent as to (1) the purpose or tax characterization of the payment and (2) the portion (if any) that represented treble damages.
Given our current level of understanding, it has become clear that characterization of the source zone and the degree of uncertainty associated with that characterization are of critical importance in site assessment.
Because measurements are performed in transmission mode on standard wafers in ambient air without additional sample preparation and data collection times are on the order of a second, this technique provides the potential for high throughput processing characterization.
After characterization is established, one must determine whether the amount of intercompany payments is correct--either because transfer pricing rules apply or because an under-or over-payment of the "correct" amount has secondary tax consequences.
Variation in the sequence of the primer binding region of common serotypes, as well as the occurrence of uncommon serotypes, should be considered when nontypeable rotaviruses are identified in strain characterization studies (13).
One of the target areas is the improper characterization of spent foundry wastes as non-hazardous.
com/research/p7b9lp/polymer) has announced the addition of Woodhead Publishing Ltd's new book "Polymer Electrolyte Membrane and Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Technology: In situ characterization techniques for low temperature fuel cells" to their offering.
This new version of the software significantly improves MS lab productivity by accelerating the data analysis process for all major biopharmaceutical characterization assays by orders of magnitude compared to common processing procedures.
Elastomer QC software, described in company literature, is an extension of the firm's dynamic characterization and static deflection software used to determine the basic material properties of a test specimen.
Advances in Protein Chemistry, Volume 65: Proteome Characterization and Proteomics
The next target is photoreceiver characterization over a 100 GHz bandwidth, which NIST scientists hope to achieve later this year to aid the development of the new 40 GB/s optical links.
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