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(electronics) graph showing how a particular characteristic of a device varies with other parameters

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The inconsistency of "optimal" cutpoints obtained using two criteria based on the receiver operating characteristic curve.
In this paper, a procedure is described for determining the uncertainty of virtual sensors that use equipment characteristic curves and other sensed inputs as the basis for virtual measurements.
The influence of combined heating on the evaporation of dispersed liquid can be assessed by evaluating the deviation of the heat and mass transfer parameters relative to the characteristic curves of conductive heating.
We can also observe overdrawn characteristic curves.
One reference that does include both shrink-swell properties and the soil water characteristic curve of Australian Vertosols is the study by Prebble (1991).
This relationship is summarised by North (1976) and Tippkotter (1994) into the soil dispersion characteristic curve (SDCC) and aggregate disruption characteristic curve (ADCC), respectively.
The high back-pressure generated in the solids conveying section leads to a pressure invariance in the screw characteristic curves.
The data for moisture characteristic curves in Table 1 can be transformed into the exponential form (Eqn 3) to demonstrate the change in matric potential with change in water content (Fig.
The slope of the screw characteristic curves (in the kneading disc region) changes dramatically with the power law index of the pseudoplastic polymeric melts.
The dependences of screw characteristic curves on the relaxation time [Tau] at values of [Tau] above 0.
9, the characteristic curves of the screw were presented by numerically solving the flow field of non-Newtonian fluids in the screw channel.
2007) Understanding diagnostic tests 3: Receiver operating characteristic curves.
Theoretical model alloweded us to analyse the behavior of a hydrodynamic torque converter in complex regimes: in normal working regime--obtaining the characteristic curves, or in transient regimes--generated during starting up or stopping process (Milos, 2000).
Squeglia has extensively updated his work for this edition, which describes the attribute sampling plans, non-statistical sampling plants, relations of c=0 plans to ANSI Z1,4 plans, estimation of potential savings, why constant sample sizes are not used, use of the c=0 plans table, taking the sample, comments of the AOQL, background information, adjustments form other standards, sampling plan switching and guidelines, operating characteristic curves and values, and small lot supplement.
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