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(electronics) graph showing how a particular characteristic of a device varies with other parameters

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To ensure comparability of testing environment, as soon as finished test of pressure characteristic curve on one poultry sample, detect its TVBN immediately, to evaluate the freshness of the poultry.
A receiver-operating characteristic curve analysis was conducted to assess the performance of the day cut point (SPSS Inc.
So, from any type of geometry we try to get the most notable curve that defines the surface--the so-called characteristic curve already described by other researchers (Giannini et al.
Sources of uncertainty include measurements of the pump differential pressure, the pump speed, the regression coefficients for the pump characteristic curve, and the control system constants.
However, the full range of the soil-water characteristic curve may not be required for defining the water availability to plants.
Explicitly recognize that the characteristic curve for the froth is not necessarily the same as that for the bubbly liquid of the froth.
1) Further characteristic curves have been obtained from different measurement series at different absolute barometric pressures and are discussed in Kistenich (2005).
A control unit analyzes the data on road condition, payload, vehicle speed, and drivability collected by the integrated sensor system and optimally adjusts the characteristic curve within milliseconds.
He uses a characteristic curve technique to represent people, places and situations, and draws circular motifs to represent life on canvas.
The artist uses a characteristic curve technique to represent people, places and situations, drawing circular motifs to represent life on canvas.
The inconsistency of "optimal" cutpoints obtained using two criteria based on the receiver operating characteristic curve.
Using Newtonian liquids, they obtained a characteristic curve when a dimensionless power number was plotted against Reynolds number.
One morning, Matthews was awakened by an entourage from the mine firing a gun into the air (Matthews has a picture of this group smiling and holding a gun, which has the characteristic curve of an AK-47).
Figure 2 shows a receiver-operator characteristic curve generally used to measure the performance of a two-class discriminator.
For this reason, the damping characteristic curve does not only adapt optimally to each driving situation automatically; but also bodywork pitch motions during abrupt braking maneuvers and rolling motions during rapid evasion maneuvers are virtually eliminated.
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