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a witness who testifies under oath as to the good reputation of another person in the community where that person lives

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Other racing figures who appeared as character witnesses for Wright included racecourse bookmaker Alan Marcel and owner Leslie Garrett.
Character witnesses described Mr Jones as hardworking and popular.
And he was supported by several character witnesses, including three nurses who worked alongside him.
Canon 2B of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges says that judges should not testify voluntarily as character witnesses.
Mr Arledge said he would call expert and character witnesses.
But when it came to the crunch both sides put across relatively concise cases, excluding many character witnesses and most of the promised glitterati.
Katherine Dunn, defending, said: "There are a number of character witnesses who will be called.
People gave character witnesses for the boys who were on trial.
Rachael has been accompanied to Turkey by her father Bob, where they will both act as character witnesses at the trial.
Ganschow plans to call several character witnesses to testify that Pressley is incapable of murder.
REM stalwart Pete Buck is in the dock for alleged air tomfoolery with Bono taking the stand as character witnesses.
Bishop Thomas Gumbleton will be among the character witnesses testifying for the defendants.
The two women serve as character witnesses for their husbands, and the media have so far given them a pass on controversial issues.
This closing is in keeping with all of Luke's writings in which every character witnesses to what God has done in Jesus.
The Dorsey team located dozens of potential character witnesses who had never been contacted by the investigator - witnesses who described Guy's childhood as one marked by isolation and rejection.