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a witness who testifies under oath as to the good reputation of another person in the community where that person lives

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Best, who led his team to victory against France in the Six Nations on Saturday, said: "The reason I was there, it's on the record I've been called as a character witness.
Ex-Sunderland star Ferdinand, who snubbed both Terry and Ashley Cole - who was a character witness for his England team-mate at the trial - at the pre-match handshake, has expressed his gratitude for the backing he received from QPR fans.
David, 53, was at the heart of Orbona after his abuser's wife called him 30 years after he had escaped Quarriers, asking him to be a character witness for her husband.
Mohammed, nephew of a local sharif invoked as character witness.
Once on the witness stand, Steve surprises himself and everyone else with the heartfelt character witness and alibi.
If he is ditched it would be a massive blow for the player with Kay expected to be a key character witness at Barton's court case to face serious assault charges.
Reilly is a popular figure in racing, both among jockeys and fellow officials, one of whom, stewards' secretary and close friend Paul Barton, appeared as a character witness in court when he was given a driving ban.
More frequently, I have been called on to act as a character witness, either for someone on trial in court or for someone who is seeking a new job.
In 1999, she testified as a character witness at his trial in Omaha, Neb.
His willingness to act as a press spokesman for an "ex"-Ba'ath Party assassin and terrorist would seem to impeach his credibility as a character witness.
The official commentary warns that serving as a character witness ''injects the prestige of the judicial office into the proceeding'' and ''may be misunderstood to be an official testimonial.
It has since emerged that Canon Bell, one of Wales' most outspoken evangelists, appeared as a character witness for Griffiths at the trial.
The committee said Canon 2B provides a judge shall not testify voluntarily as a character witness and a judge shall not lend the prestige of office to advance the private interests of another.
my lawyer said), I was forbidden to have the boys in my home if I shared the house with any person; I could take them out of their home state only if we went to be with my mother, whom my husband had threatened to call as a character witness for him.
Lisa Pemberton will take the stand to serve as a character witness for her son, said lawyer Virgie Lacsa-Suarez, counsel of the Laude family.