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an ordered list of characters that are used together in writing or printing

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This includes the GB18030 font, which is the PRC's approved Chinese character set.
With personalized images, the background image is the template and the text is constructed using character sets that incorporate tiny images to produce the letters.
Roaring Penguin Software is looking for partners in Asia and anywhere non-Western character sets are used to take advantage of this breakthrough in technology.
Developers eventually created a mixed single byte/double byte character set for Japanese, but it was a huge amount of work and most companies did not want both character sets to clutter their U.
0 software development kit includes a fully scalable, SmartHint-enabled stroke-based Simplified Chinese font, which supports the standard GBK Chinese character set of approximately 21,000 characters.
In addition, there are 15 appendices which provide additional reference material, such as a code conversion table, character set tables, mapping tables, an extensive list of software sources and a glossary.
Additionally, the consortium provides support for implementors, addressing the complex issues of internationalization and large character sets.
The PROGRESS DBE Version 7 User Interface Builder and 4GL will enable Asian application developers to build transaction-based applications that meet double-byte character set requirements.
For starters, mainframe data is stored using several different character sets instead of the ASCII character set used by open systems machines.
Through font linking, just one implementation of the Chinese character set is required, linking to both the non-bold and bold Latin fonts.
Supports international double-byte character sets enabling creation of PDF documents using nearly any Latin, Cyrillic or Asian character set.
While the Middle East constitutes a growing business market for multinational corporations and a hotspot for government anti-terrorism activities, few machine translation systems have been developed to translate its languages to English due to several complexities, including the scarcity of pre-translated data for training of the system and a common character set shared by Farsi and Arabic.
Our China customers who are already impressed with Arkeia's software performance and features will be delighted to learn that they can now view and manage files and directories named with Chinese character set.
The project included completely reengineering the software for Unicode and implementing the GB18030 character set required by China.