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a formal recommendation by a former employer to a potential future employer describing the person's qualifications and dependability

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You looked up to your friend so much you were prepared to put a character reference like that.
Morrison failed to send the SIA a character reference or sworn oath and no further action was made to his application.
Helen Hogben, mitigating, said his actions were "out of character" and he had been described in a character reference as "brutally honest".
The character reference described the petty thief as a good businessman and a respected member of the community.
The issue is I feel I was personally duped into providing a character reference on the basis of a complaint had been made about a nursing home from a relative that would not let an issue drop.
AN EX-CALL centre worker from Wales tried to hoodwink a judge with a bogus character reference from the Pope.
That a "conservative" Republican would conscript the ghost of a homosexual activist as a character reference tellingly illustrates where we are as a society.
With this partnership, anyone using a WAP-enabled mobile device can tap into RepCheck's database for an on-the-spot character reference or background check to "help individuals make well-informed decisions to either move forward with confidence, or steer clear of a potentially unsavory character," said the company's founder and CEO, Andrew Maltin.
Greene secured the final character reference on his Sprint Immortals resume' Saturday, winning the gold medal in the 100-meter dash at the Sydney Olympics.
A HIGH-profile sports journalist has defended providing a court character reference for convicted paedophile Tom Humphries.
I recall being asked some years ago to write a character reference for someone who was facing major legal proceedings, and as I knew them they thought such a reference from the deputy leader would stand them in good stead.
And the victim's eldest brother Byron Hines, in another character reference, said Hamilton was a close family friend.
Despite a glowing character reference from Ringo's widow Donna, it is Libby who lands her in it.
Derek Wake, a season ticket holder for 25 years, believes that manager Kevin Keegan was wrong to support Barton and provide him with a character reference.
And if Eriksson wants a character reference to put before the Real board, he need look no further than Beckham to provide one.