character assassination

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Synonyms for character assassination

the expression of injurious, malicious statements about someone

Synonyms for character assassination

an attack intended to ruin someone's reputation

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He said that hitting someone's personality through social media, or character assassination was not allowed in any case.
It is beneath the dignity of a quality newspaper to participate in such a campaign of character assassination.
Stone's ``counter-myth'' to the establishment's Kennedy liquidation story earned him vicious character assassination.
You know what this means: dunk tanks, ripping bands, free food, 30-minute-long product tosses, some character assassination on the mic .
He's so quick to condemn the Republican politics of character assassination.
The man with the pudgy face whom George Bush hailed as "the architect" of his reelection campaign (while others call him the president's "brain") has always had a soft, spot in his heart for character assassination.
This seems more of a character assassination on the part of Batra than a fraud by Greenspan.
The fractious City Council voted 4 to 3 to appoint an executive with one of the area's major construction firms to the planning commission, but not before charges of character assassination and rebukes filled the room.
In the particular case, wrist slapping would have been a lot more appropriate than character assassination.
Despite a deceptively calm and authoritative tone, she engages in nothing less than character assassination.
and his unsung charity work would have been more worthy than Down's cheap character assassination.
Character assassination, distortions of the truth and "dirty tricks" are standard operating procedures.
ASHLEY Ward is too nice a guy to go in for character assassination but today he shoots down Neil Warnock's reputation as gladly as he will aim to destroy Sunderland's defence.
But what is even worse is that some of our elected representatives would stoop to character assassination of an admirable woman for stating the truth.
Disagreements between the disputants at times led to personal confrontations and character assassination.