character assassination

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Synonyms for character assassination

the expression of injurious, malicious statements about someone

Synonyms for character assassination

an attack intended to ruin someone's reputation

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He said that hitting someone's personality through social media, or character assassination was not allowed in any case.
"I think I got a character assassination. I have to get used to that, the way I am, the way I'm passionate on the bench.
He recalled the NA-88 elections when Tehmina Durrani s book was used for character assassination. 'PML-N was behind wrongly insulting Imran Khan after his entry into politics,' he said.
On Monday, Iqbal had issued a warning to the PPP asking it to halt the character assassination drive against the top PML-N leadership, which was being run through a 'cell' in the presidency, in association with the MQM.
WHILE the media can go in for character assassination, I think their portrayal of Heather has been pretty tame.
Thousands of dealers have been hit by the crisis and there are fears of huge job losses among them and at supplier firms Meanwhile, John Towers, chairman of MG Rover's owner, Phoenix Venture Holdings, yesterday defended the money he has made from the failed business and claimed he was the victim of a 'character assassination'.
Reporters who stayed on the contra trail too long grew to expect administration-sponsored character assassination. In 1985-86, while at the Associated Press, reporter Brian Barger and I wrote many stories about contra abuses and the secret role of Oliver North in supplying the rebels in defiance of Congress.
PESHAWAR -- The 65th meeting of PEMRA Council of Complaints Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Shakeel Chandar in chair was held at PEMRA Regional Office here on Tuesday and recommended issuance of warning to a private TV channel for character assassination of a private department.
"I doubt whether this sort of character assassination will help his defence."
Action should be taken against those who are behind my character assassination. The opponents produced 50 witnesses against me but no evidence was provided.
He alleged that government resources were being used to get articles written and published "for the character assassination of Nawaz Sharif and other (PML-N) leaders" in what he called a violation of a commitment against resort to such practices in the Charter of Democracy, The Dawn reported.
I'M delighted New Labour has won a third term, despite Michael Howard's despicable attempts at the character assassination of Blair.
"But some sections disliked it and started my character assassination", he added.
Mr Freedman said the "damaging and untrue" claims amounted to "character assassination".
She said that no woman will think to join politics after seeing the character assassination of Ayesha Gulalai on national television channels and social media.