character assassination

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Synonyms for character assassination

the expression of injurious, malicious statements about someone

Synonyms for character assassination

an attack intended to ruin someone's reputation

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This tirade bears all the hallmarks of the O'Reilly Factor host's current act: demonized opponents, over-the-top rhetoric, and an intensely personal preoccupation with alleged character assassins.
That's clearly not a universal point of view, however, because David Beckham received at best grudging praise when he stood down as England captain following England's World Cup elimination - and many of Fleet Street's character assassins pounced upon the tone of the resignation statement as confirmation that he was never cut out to follow in the footsteps of Billy Wright, Bobby Moore, Tony Adams et al.
JONATHAN ROSS (born November 17, 1960) may have to use the sting in his Scorpio tail when he finds himself cornered by professional character assassins.
I and many others from all walks of life will miss Ron Davies, and the character assassins in the tabloid media will have to look elsewhere for someone to hound and des t roy.
Helms and his hired character assassins (Senators James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Tim Hutchinson of Arkansas) attempt to block the nomination of a gay philanthropist as U.